Didn’t anyone else’s ToD glitch out last night?

I lost internet connection, reconnected, and when I did, my tour was reset. I finished my tour a long time ago, and tried restarting the game a couple of times to no avail. Also, my daily challenges constantly reset, giving me essentially unlimited challenges to do. Now here’s the real kicker. With my tour reset, I was re-earning tour rewards. And with a GC heavy tour… you get the idea. This a bug for everyone or just me?

PS: I played a lot last night with double xp going on, and after awhile noticed that all progress for ToD/Daily’s was not tracking. Maybe TC tried fixing it?

Never had this issue, do u still have the uir general skin? and can u still earn the coins again from the tour?

If yes its a win for u i guess.:+1:

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as far as I know the achievements for TOD as well as general statistics of the game lives within an Azure Database, most likely a problem at a table at database level erased your progress and that’s why you don’t see the infomration on the game and it was reset.

I think it would be advisable to send over a support ticket to The Coalition so they can check it out my friend :slight_smile:


I still have everything from the ToD I finished. I was just earning more and more coins from it all over again.

@D_A_N_III_3_L I’m afraid they’ll erase my progress. I grinded Kat last night, so ■■■■ that lmao.

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This is a scary problem.
I’d report it as a bug and hope that they have backups of your progress.
IF however you’re earning more coins now than you were at 750 a legend by getting 5,000 here and there then maybe you could make the most of it IDK.
After the cost benefit analysis though then I’d either put in a ticket or pull in the 5k rewards

I’ve made far more, because every challenge has reset this season. Dailies, TOD, season medals. I can get stars from everything. Pretty sure I made close to 20k GC in 6 hours.

I’d turn it in but I really don’t want my character levels to be reset. Especially Kat. It was living hell playing Kat. And it’ll be far worse without boost.

They shouldn’t reset anything they should make it right or leave it alone.
Restoring from backup to a point that loses work that you’ve done would suck big time.
Hopefully they wouldn’t just do a thing like that without thinking and consulting with you.

20k in 6hr is freaking nice. You can max out a freshly level 5 purple card with that :laughing:

I know it is, but I still feel a bit guilty. I may just turn it in. If I turn it in before they potentially find out they may be merciful lol.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Sera is reading this right now lmao.

Mercy is for the repentant wrong doer.
You’ve done nothing wrong. Their code messes up and you benefit. That is superior to their code messes up and you get the shaft.
Their code messed up about 3 weeks ago and lost me about 4 or more cards (at least one purple).
If nobody is going to come down on them for losing me progress after their code messes up then nobody should come down on your for gaining you progress after their code messes up.
Fair is fair. @TC_Sera is good people - I doubt she’s any kind of interested in harming you for how their code recovered from an internet outage.

Ah rare times a bug is an advantage but when it happens its amazing lol. Would love to do it all over again but ill wait for OP 5 unless this happens to me lol

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Yes I suppose you’re right. Do what must be done @TC_Sera. Just please show mercy to my Kat xp at least, if you have to reset some things lol.

Log the bug in support in you haven’t already, but we will take into account as best we can what is currently going on. I can’t make promises depending on how it has to be fixed, but we will do what we can to be as reasonable as possible.


Well. That really doesn’t sound promising for me. But I will.

How about you just give me a fully maxed out Kat so I never have to play her again, and erase all my progress from yesterday? I’d say that’s fair right? I’d happily take that :wink: