Did you really know the ending to Gears 4?

Ok I was just watching Gears 4 ending and you can hear Marcus say “This isn’t over. So get her somewhere safe” and Kait replies “I don’t need your protection”. Maybe Reyna didn’t die after all.

See any resemblance?

And then you woke up.

Maybe the Swarm will try to come get her again?

Why would they go after a corpse?
Idk what would have happened to the body.

I can see why you said that lol it was Kait

You changed it from Reyna to Kait…

Yes how it was intended to be sorry for the error good find though lol

I think Reyna is actually dead, would’ve made more sense to have been a mercy killing.
It looked like the things attached to her were keeping her alive, some sort of life support.
She would probably have bled out.
Otherwise, what else would Reyna be doing?

Why would the Swarm want her so bad? They wanted her mind. But it’s just a theory maybe the infection is keeping her alive.

They wanted her to be alive and they captured her because she is Myrrah’s daughter, the next in line to take over, that’s why the speaker went himself to capture Reyna to make sure the mission went through, question been flipped around, do you actually know the plot of Gears 4 and the relation between Reyna and Myrrah, why else would Kait have a pendant with a Locust symbol and say it was her grandmothers, from what I recall there was no other female that was a part of the Locust other than Bezerkers, unless Kait’s grandfather made love with one :rofl:

The campaign alludes to the locust having been former humans all along with how a human goes into a pod and comes out an evolved locust/swarm drone.

Gears 3 even had Adam Fenix talking about how he worked closely with Myrrah to try to help save the locusts and humans. Maybe Adam Fenix spent too much time and had a side-family with Myrrah at some point so Kait could potentially be JD’s cousin. Myrrah might hate Marcus more because her baby’s daddy (adam) was still involved with another woman.

They all need to go on Maury to get that DNA test.

yeah sadly it got spoil for me on twitter on my birthday man was I pissed but was surprised it really didn’t ruin it for me since I didn’t hear about the whole scene just myrrah and the locust symbol.

That was at New Hope, why would she need to capture him and hold him prisoner if they had another life together? That scenario wouldn’t make any sense.

It’s not shown that she dies right away so this might be a flash back giving more information on the medallion she gave to kait.

Naw, New Hope was Star Wars. Prescott held him prisoner in Gears 3…

It’s irrelevant anyway as it was a joke. Thought the Maury Povich reference would be the dead give away.:confused:

It was called the New Hope Research Facility, and you’re right about Prescott capturing him, but since locust took over, didn’t Myrrah keep him as a prisoner?