Did you know sentries have antennas?

… I didn’t!:unamused:

Im actually curious whats it for… does it give like a hidden signal to enemies to lure them? Or what?

Scratch that, its probably field sensor… when they come into range then antenna picks up target in range and shoots

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It has an antenna so it can listen to the radio. Did you think those cases on either side were ammo boxes? Those are sub-woofers and this sentry is jamming out to some killer tunes!


Did not notice but that is a stupid place for a Sentry to be. Right in the damn way. SMH. Level 4 also… Sorry, I’ll stop criticising.!!!
How many times did you accidentally peg one off that? Lol.


It’s so they can report conversations back to TC, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:

That one gets me all the time. I have my cover all on place and then an engi places a level 4 sentry in front and that freaking antena blocks my shots on scions because its targetting juvies or trackers and moves infront of my shot just as I took said shot. It is a snipers nightmare as far as I concerned as well as anyones nightmare using an embar or longshot. It serves no purpose so remove it.

Edit: Apologies @DownInFlames85 I have replied to your comment while I ment to reply to the thread.


TC purposely added an antenna to sentries to detect if Heather Locklear is in the vicinity. If a ping goes out TC shuts down all sentries and make a no fly zone over the area.

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Or perhaos its sending the signal to the kestrel and Deebes xD

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Only the Level 4 sentries do. It does make it easier to quickly identify what level a sentry is without having to look at the back of it (also if the sentry is damaged the level # on the back may be obscured).

To those who didn’t get the joke, that moving antenna is a device to prevent aiming.

Yeah, it was a sentry fest. Heavy and soldier simply left.

(And yeah, both lv. 4 sentries closed the path between them and got me stuck right after I picked the engineer up…)

They drive me NUTS because they will block your sniper shots. I’ve had this happen quite a few times at critical moments.

If you put the Fab in the library or wine cellar (can’t remember what it’s called) then a lot of Swarm Spawn in one spot. It gets intense.

Otherwise when I’ve Engineered in the Church I’ve had my Sentries inside crossing the internal entrances so people can place themselves forward and shoot out over the map and have backup if they need to fall back, with no problems moving in and out . And Decoys in the centre. Then someone plonks the Decoys outside with little cover fire.


2 sentries covering each side, FOUR on main entrance. Wings 3 lv. 77 eng tried to put some more sentries by my side and in front of me. I gently returned 'em to the back.

First decoy was bought by me, on wave 40. He bought a second and then gave up.