Did You Know? Gears 5 Edition

Feeling like there’s probably a lot more under the surface, after seeing @CogCouple’s post on being able to switch quickly with character, weapon and bloodspray/emote skins using the bumpers. So I’m creating this so we can create a master list of “hidden,” or popularly unknown things you can do in Gears 5.

I already know a few; so here’s a short list to begin;
-Use LB/RB when on the customization screen to quick-swap skins. Works for Guns, Characters, Emotes, Bloodsprays, etc. (As per @CogCouple’s post).
-Holding (Right or Left) on the D-Pad, (in Horde & Escape) will drop the weapon you’re holding.
-Shoot the four pipe valves after falling into the sewer tunnel during the first Azura mission to summon a Fish Stick.
-Kill Del in the Campaign to be a good boy, because we need to give Marcus some semblance of hope. (SPOILER)
-If enemies have glowing bits–shoot them. Don’t waste an entire Tri-Shot firing at the front of the Matriarch.
-Don’t play Insane and Up difficulties on Escape or Horde unless your character is Level 14+
-If you feel like you’re going insane from the Star Grind, give TC money. or take a two week break to restore your mental health.

(This kinda devolved into nitpicking random facts, but I still think remains unknown for most of the playerbase. Enjoy and feel free to add!)

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You can drop weapons in PvP. I do it all the time in Ranked Guardian to give my leader a ton of lancer ammo.


Didn’t know it worked in PvP, never tried it. But good to know.


The added benefit is that if you drop your lancer, people can’t see it poking out over cover. Let’s you be a little less noticeable and set up an ambush.


Pouncers, Snatchers and Carriers will now actually take reduced damage upon impacts on their armor-like skin(still too much for the Carrier imo, but then it might be near unkillable if the damage it took was almost completely mitigated by its armor) - shoot the belly or chest(in case of the Carrier) to deal significantly more damage. Headshotting Snatchers or Pouncers through the head doesn’t appear to work any longer either.

Outside of New Hope in the Campaign, when you encounter a Stump, if you go to the far left and then look up on the right building, you can shoot an ice crystal which will make something get dislodged and thrown onto the Stump with such violent force by the Windflare that it gets taken out immediately. Just make sure to keep your head down until that object passes over you.


I never thought about that, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are playing horde with Ironman, remember to put the forge as a decoy on wave 50 (or 12 on frenzy)

I don’t know if this fit on this topic, but I saw few players doing this and a decoy forge let me win one time


In versus, if you kick someone through cover or grab someone over the cover, you can take him as a meatshield instead of making an execution.


In Horde and Escape, meatshielding an enemy that normally carries a grenade (I think all Elite variants) gaurantees you take their grenade for yourself if you have inventory space. This is 100% gauranteed, whereas stabbing them or any other conventional kill only gives you a chance of them dropping the grenade.


I knew that too, I considered it as common knowledge and did not added it to this theard, thus in versus i got couple rage messages accusing me of cheating when doing this. Also, you pick up enemy grenade when taking enemy as meatshield, just like in PvE.

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I didn’t find this out until around late December and most of the people on my friends list didn’t know either! Never take knowledge for granted. There’s always a few people who won’t know these things! :grin:


After a vault-kick, or pulling an enemy over cover you just press the X button (which you normally would to meatshield a downed enemy) instead of B.

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Did you know that Guardian sees enemies locations and their spawns(Many newbies do not know that)
Did you know that keeping one of the enemies down, would increase their spawn’s time especially in Guardian.
Did you know that Guardian should mobilize with the team rather than being in cover depending on the circumstances.

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I learned about the grenade thing in Gears 4 as I never had a reason to shield beforehand, but yeah it’s a cool thing. Also learned in Gears 4 that characters will steady themselves with one hand if you’re holding a pistol in half-cover. Just another small thing I noticed in Gears 4 that I’d never noticed before.
And in Gears 5, I noticed the little circle LED above the Lancer’s magazine spins, and it has since Gears 1. The little things are cool when you find them and they get me distracted/killed in VS matches.

Might not be as interesting, but one thing I can think of off the top of my head is that, barring expressions, only one character per team can talk at a time. Meaning if someone’s character is talking, their teammates’ characters cannot talk.

If everyone is strangely silent, someone spoke on someone else’s screen (helps to have 2 Xboxes in close proximity when playing with my dad or sister).

Bumper switching lets you bypass the customization screen offline. You can’t change non-loadout skins, though.

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In horde, if there is a dissimilar weapon in a weapon locker to the two that youre carrying, you can pick it up and swap the weapon out.

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Trying to shoot it dead is the common mistake though with that boss. The quickest and easiest way to kill it is by attaching grenades to it’s back. You do that by freezing it with the cryo cannon while it’s standing atop the ice. The grenade blast also blasts a hole in the ice and freezes it again, giving you time to run back and get the cryo cannon. As long as you go into the battle with full grenades, and preferably a cryo cannon as well, you’ll have plenty cryo ammo and grenades, as there are two wall mounted cryo cannons and a cache of grenades in the battle area.

Just thought it was key to mention this given the thread topic, because many think this is a hard boss fight but never try this easy and often overlooked or unknown method.

Another little known and quick and effective tactic is to kill all the Sires just before that battle with the pipe. Simply get familiar with where they spawn and quickly run to them before they can swarm you. For the last wave you’ll need to (but have time to) run back and get a fresh pipe.

The Cryo Cannon is literally your friend against the Sires. It freezes them easily in the Campaign and then either Jack zaps them or you just melee them yourself. No pipes needed.

Edit : Not an offensive comment and clearly just how I feel which has no effect on anyone else, mods. Apparently this wasn’t clear to someone here.
That said, some may not use the frag tagging against the Matriarch in Campaign because it’s hella cheap and an extremely boring way to fight this Berserker-like enemy in the first place. But using the Cryo on it works fine there… in Horde, not so much unless multiple of you are freezing it so it doesn’t get to charge at anybody.

And the statement made by Buster was referring to Horde. Where frag tagging a Matriarch isn’t a great option most of the time.

The Cryo Cannon is far better on the Matriarch because it’s just one enemy you’re facing and you have plenty time to freeze it before it gets to you. That is not the case with the Sires. By the time you’ve fired the Cryo Cannon only half long enough to freeze just ONE of them, others come running.

It’s kinda oximoronic to say “no pipes needed” after having tried both methods and not taking even ONE hit using the pipe, while the Cryo Cannon often left me swarmed. I stand by what I said, save the Cryo Cannon for the boss, because the pipe is an easy and resource conserving way to kill the Sires. Plus it adds variety and reward to an otherwise mostly shooter experience.

I think the common misconception, possibly due to when and where the Cryo Cannon and pipe become available (not to mention all those frozen dead troops), is that you need to first freeze enemies to be able to easily kill them with the pipe, which is not the case, even on Insane.

I wasn’t implying it’s necessary for everyone to use that method. I only bring up that method when players claim or imply that boss is too hard to kill, and there have been plenty threads claiming just that. I’ve actually killed it both ways, but it IS by far the easier way. In fact I’ve gone on record more than once saying the Gears 5 campaign, while being fun, sorely needs an Inconceivable mode. That’s hardly the sentiment of someone looking for what you’re calling “cheap” ways to kill.

Maybe stay on topic instead of attacking responders (or anyone choosing to use that tactic) as if they can’t play the “exciting” way. It’s not you’re call to make what is boring or exciting in this game, except for your own perspective, not that of others. It was just advice for those whom may need it and not know of such tactics.