Did you get your Rise of Raam Comic Mega Pack Code In Time

Just curious if anyone else didn’t get the code in time, I have seen more people not getting the comic in time than people who have got it in time!?

as long as you pre-ordered the comic before the 26th it doesn’t matter when the comic arrives it also has to be the paperback edition if both of these requirements are met you will still get the front flap code just because your comic was delayed does not mean you lose your code just throwing that out there

I pre-ordered mines on Amazon this past weekend and it came today. Sorry about what you going through. I wish you luck.


Have a great day!

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got mine yesterday :).

Pre ordered mine back in May from amazon, still not even dispatched. Not happy!

Mine has been sent today (Amzon) should have got on release, I pre ordered months ago. But for whatever reason Amazon messed up. Will have tomorrow.

It may depend where you live. I didn’t pre-order mine and got the code on the same day I bought the comic book on release date.