Did Wi-Fi Connection Lower The Bar Of The Gears Experience?

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I know this might sound inequitable for the ones that can’t setup their gaming corner for the optimal Xbox Live experience, but the toll is taken out on the ones that took the time and effort to do so.
The beauty about the original xbox and xbox360 was that they didnt feature Wi-Fi access (, not mentioning the Wi-Fi adapter). This was the reason why it was seen as the ultimate gamers’ console and not as a multimedia device (unlike its counterpart), because you had to make the extra steps to plug in the modem cable. Gamers comes in all shape and forms, however the xbox gain its niche player base of ‘Hardcore’ gamers for having the courtesy of playing hardwired. To replicate the fluid LAN experience to its fullest measure.

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Erm, what? The Xbox 360 didn’t have access to wireless connections? That seems like a load of bull unless you can prove it. Because unless mine were exceptions, they had full access to Wifi(never owned the original Xbox though so I can’t speak for it).

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My Gears 3 360 is wifi, runs lovely as well :slight_smile:

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The original Xbox and Xbox 360 didn’t feature built-in wifi. It was until the release of the S version, commonly known as Xbox 360 Slim and onward that it became the norm. Before then the Xbox 360 Core, Elite, Arcade and Super Elite could have access to Wi-Fi by making use of an external device (which I believe had to be plugged-in via a USB port in the back of the console). Anyhow, let’s stay on track and not divert from the context of what this thread is about.

That doesn’t matter because you can’t choose who you are matched with.

just have an option to match people up with Wired only.

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It does matter. Having a visual of who is playing through Wi-Fi or Hardwired will give you a perception of how the game will turn out to be and give you the choice to take action on staying or leaving before the game starts.

And I’m totally up for an option to only get matched with wired only players (option is disabled if you play through Wi-Fi) but it might hurt the community more than the game.

I’m not really sure what players gain in your scenario, but it sounds like you just want to confirm your suspicion that the results of your battles are impacted by quality of internet connection. That’s fine, I get that, but that’s not at all something I would prioritize as a game studio, nor do I want (as in your example) to give players an excuse to leave a game before it starts. That’s Pandora’s box right there.

That said, while I don’t like your proposal or what I think your justification is for it, I would absolutely be fine with being able to prioritize connection strength when matchmaking.

An incentive to push for a better game experience. Having top shelf dedicated servers won’t make a huge difference in gameplay if most ppl have bad connections to begin with.

Giving ppl the choice to leave before a game starts rather than them leaving mid-game due to complaints on how “the game cheated them” will reduce quitters significantly. Especially when it get so severe that even non-intentional dropout due to bad connection is considered as an offense which will result to a penalty (and let’s not mention credit based penalties). This is just adding salt to an open wound which fuels evil. I don’t know for sure if you get penalized for leaving in the middle of the matchmaking process, but giving someone the choice will have him or her blame oneself for making a bad decision.

I don’t follow the logic that giving people the option to leave before a match will reduce quitters. If anything it all but guarantees a monumental spike in quitters, as someone will get in a game, see a couple players are wireless, and then bail because they don’t feel the upcoming match is up to their standards in terms of connection speed. I also think that those people who WANT to quit because a few players are actually stay in the match will quit frequently once the game starts. Like you’re playing, you see three guys are WiFi and you’re like “oh ffs I already quit the last two matches I’ll play this out” then you take what YOU perceive to be a cheap/laggy death (which, don’t pretend you won’t do that, we are gears players, we ALL do that) so you have the confirmation bias that it’s because of wireless connections, so you quit.

Again I’m fine with the idea of players being able to prioritize connection quality in their searches, but I don’t think your specific suggestion would work in the way you think it will.

Wired being better than wireless is just a myth in nearly all practical cases. Just don’t run a microwave next to your devices, be a ludicrous distance from your router, or have 30 wireless devices connected and the two connection types will be nearly identical. If set up properly, wireless will have 0 packet loss, and ping within sub milliseconds of wired. So adding some pointless indicator to show connection type is just going to cause confusion and give people a reason to blame wifi for losing.

No, it really doesn’t matter because like showing hit percentages and pellets hittings the body, it’s all based on ■■■■ outside of your control and will just lead to questioning and complaining.

Those are situational occurrences and each situation will play differently taken to account the mood of the player, the lobby’s connectivity, etc… But since we’re not provided with a chart to measure how recurrent quitters are, it’s hard to make an argument about it. I do have an intuition that tells me that it’s becoming more and more common; should we blame it on the gaming culture evolving into this entitled mentality that have to have their way and rather pay to win over honing their skills to get better at the game or the spike of console players making use Wi-Fi for online gameplay, consequently lowering the Xbox Live experience? There are many factors to account for.

I beg to differ.

It’s far from being a myth. Even the Xbox Live instruction guidlines prioritize ethernet connection over Wi-Fi for a better gaming experience, Knowing how frequent disturbances can arise from it, it’s commom sense that it isn’t reliable.

This is not based in fact. I don’t game on wifi but the wifi on my Nighthawk 500 router is better than the hard wired connections of some of my friends with low quality internet. In fact, it’s better than the connections of some of my friends with decent internet. Also, a player can even have a great, hardwired connection but distance from the server can degrade the connection. Basing matchmaking on wifi does not fix anything or make sense. Hard wired connections don’t come close to LAN either.

Seeing how this thread is progressing and for the sake of argument, I will change the thread title to something more suitable to avoid confusion on the topic.

From: Icon that shows Wi-Fi or Hardwired connection during Matchmaking

To: Did Wi-Fi Connection Lower The Bar Of The Gears Experience?

Wait, what did I just read?



You lost me here. What’s pay to win have to do with WiFi connections and the mood of the player? I don’t follow.

My stance, as simply as possible, is two fold. One, is that giving players an option to quit allows them to take said option, resulting in quitting. I don’t see any practical way that allowing players to quit results in anything other than significantly more quitters. I feel like I must not be understanding something you’re saying. Two, I feel like if a player who actually cares about other players connections sees the WiFi connections, and is already predisposed to think the game is going to go badly. So then if the game starts badly, in that players mind the predisposition is now confirmed (confirmation bias) and they quit.

It’s true I don’t have any data to back it up. But on the logical level on which we are discussing this, I don’t see a reasonable counter to either of these points.

1). There is no option to quit via the game in 4.

2). It’s very, very rare I see the symbol. And when i have, it was for a few seconds and everyone is affected and then it stopped.

Why would that make me immediately quit?

Quitting and opting out before the game even starts are two different things.
And why I mentioned mood is because it’s related to emotions; why would a person quit a game in the first place?


It’s not that I think a WiFi symbol would make people quit, but the person I’m responding to has said that he wants to see the symbol for WiFi if that’s what a player is on, and that he thinks it would reduce quitting. Following his logic though, he wants to know who is on WiFi so that he can gauge the expected quality of the match and have the option to quit because of that. My point is that that mindset is going to lead to quitters, and also that his point that this would reduce quitters is wrong, as giving players the option to quit cannot possibly reduce quitting.

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Are they though? If you quit and the lobby dissolves , and something has simple as “that guy is on WiFi” is going to make people quit, players will frequently have to get into multiple lobbies before finding a match. I just think if give people the option to get out of the game, they will take it, and that means more frequent quitting. And I see what you mean that there’s a difference between opting out and quitting, and in that case quitting mid match is definitely worse. I just think providing the option and the info will allows players to justify to themselves that quitting is ok and they will leave matches more often than they do now.