Did we just become Friends achievement


On this achievement does it mean i 1st have to be playing with an Allie and second i need a character that is not level 5 yet?

Ally level 5 they’ll give 10% experience when playing with them.

so i have to be playing with a level 5 and me level 4 for example or we have have to reach level 5 together in the same game?

this is going to get hard if everyone characters are 6 and up.

You have to reach ally level 5 it has nothing to do with your levels in game. You can get level 18 on a horde character far before reaching level 5 friends with somebody. I’ve played a couple thousand waves with the same person and am only level 3 with that person and I have 2 level 18 characters with my lowest level character being 11 for horde. They apparently reduced the requirement but in the old system if you just played horde you got 150 exp for 50 waves of horde which means to hit the max is 8917 waves of playing with the same person to reach level 5, then if you’re trying to play with a team of all level 5 allies you pretty much are going to want to be in the same squad as much as possible to reduce the grind of reaching allies with multiple people.

okay so its alley level 5 not charter level five.

so do you think guardian versus gets you there quicker?

how do i check my allie level?

I don’t know all the rates of what gains what level of experience just Horde’s rate. I’m assuming Versus earns more per time since Horde can be fairly lengthy.

You can check your ally level in the social menu on the title screen.

found this.

You will want to pick Guardian when you finish a match and keep picking the Guardian gamemode. You will get 30 ally xp per match of Guardian which will take around 2 - 3 minutes per game if you kill the enemy leader straight away. If Guardian doesn’t appear straight away just keep on playing and it will eventually be one of the options.

Before you can become an ally with someone you will need to earn a cretain amount of ally xp so that you can level up. Also every time you rank up, your ally xp will reset to 0.

0-1 = 250 ally xp
1-2 = 1000 ally xp
2-3 = 3000 ally xp
3-4 = 7500 ally xp
4-5 = 15000 ally xp

This is a bit monotonous but it’s by far the fastest way.

Another alternative is playing horde with the same people as completing everything for horde will take a while. You will get 150 ally xp for 50 waves of horde.

what a fin grind

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Yeah those are the old numbers for experiences, but they said they reduced them I just have bothered to look into them, because I’m not an achievement hunter and I’m going to play who I play with, but you should expect less of a grind than with the old numbers. But if that post is correct about ally xp for guardian that’s a much better rate than Horde, PvE everything tends to earn less rewards for everything, less supply drops, less ally experience, less account experience per unit of time spent less everything.

thanks for answering my post

0-1 is now 125

No other changes.

I wish I had 4 friends.

There’s always looking for group you can make ‘friends’ that way. You could also try to make friends via the forum after all the people posting on a Gears forum tend to play Gears.

I can honestly saying that i have found all my current on line gears pals thru LGF.

I am not Mr Diamond on versus and only gaming the last 2 years. Most on LFG are very patient. I used be nervous to answer post but not anymore.

Just the other night i saw a post about 2 players that made it to wave 45 and they had 3 players bail. they had been trying to reach 50 in horde for days. I jump in with a low level del to help out. took us a while cause the base was destroyed, but i stayed with them helped even thought i really got no benefit from the game, but i have 2 new Friends and one is west cost which really helps me a late night gamer.

Cranky not sure your where kidding or serious, but if serious reach out on LFG are start a post your self.

Your ally level is based on the amount of VS, horde and escape and campaign chapters you’ve done with the same person. You will ally level with that person at the exact same rate whenever you are playing together. If you’re not playing together, you’re not earning ally XP. If you start playing with someone new, you will start at 0 with this new person and start leveling with them. So you could be an ally level 3 with one friend, ally level 2 with one friend and ally level 5 with another friend. The level you are with each person is unique to that person.

Is there any way to reach out to Octus/TC aside from that helpdesk ticket? I am sure my ticket is just buried since it is numbered in the 23000s.

I had two people who were around 190/250 Honor for a level 1 friend in Gears 5. Now, the update on 10/8/19 changed a level 1 friend from 250 to 125 Honor. Both these people automatically upgraded into a level 1 friend since they were over 125, but I did not get the achievement for reaching level 1 with someone. Getting a new friend to 125 honor won’t pop the achievement either.

There is Twitter if you want to try that. Twitter.com/octustc

Anyone else affected by this?

Bump for TC’s attention.

TC’s not going to be responding to this bud. Twitter is where you’ll need to go.