Did we just become best Friends,...bugged?

Before the update I had an ally of level 3 with the new update it’s now a level 6 ally, but the achievement hasn’t popped…even after restarting the game/console a few times…

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Why was I expecting this to happen?

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Is it possible that you and this friend need to be online in a party together?

Not sure if that’s it, but it makes sense.

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If you haven’t sent a support ticket in yet, please do so, with as many details around the circumstance as you can recall.

I have raised a ticket for this as well - 41491

Was level 3 allies with 3 people and level 4 allies with 1 person prior to the update today

Loaded up today and all are level 6 and 7 allies

Tried playing a game of escape and versus with one of my level 6 allies and nothing

Unfortunately I can’t test BFF’s achievement yet

Maybe you can help me, I sent a support ticket # 24767 back in Oct and am still waiting for a response

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Same thing happened to me and my gears buddy. We were Allies 4 and after the update we are Allies 7 but neither of us got the Rank 5 Achievement.

Well I’ve submitted a ticket, not that I care too much for the achievement by itself. But hopefully it goes some way to assisting in tracking this down.

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  1. How do I submit a ticket?
  2. If EVERYONE is experiencing this issue, why can’t a hot fix just be put in? I have five (5) people I play with consistently, and all but one are over level 6 now…
  3. Do I need to submit a ticket for each ally, in order to get that second achievement (BFF’S)


  1. You can submit a ticket at https://support.gearsofwar.com/
  2. We need to know more about the issue and who is experiencing the issue before we can move forward with anything, and making assumptions about the issue is how we get further issues.
  3. Nope, just submit one ticket.
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These are slightly unrelated questions I want to ask but I don’t know where else to ask them…

  • What kind of things can we expect or report to you on these forums? Is it mostly bugs or all types of feedback? I generally don’t like to bother people so if I tag you for something I’d want to be sure it is for the right thing.
  • More of a curiosity question than anything related to the work you do here. Do you happen to like Kait? The gamerpic makes me suspect so.
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I’ll let this slide because you bring up a very important and good to answer question…

Yup, I like Kait, but, to be fair, I like a lot of the characters for different reasons. I also ended up enjoying Fahz when at the beginning of the game I disliked him immensely. :wink:

Oh! To answer your first question:

  • You can expect me to be listening, and reading - you don’t necessarily have to tag me in feedback or bug reporting post - I try to keep informed about them. I won’t be upset if you do, but don’t feel you have to.
  • If you think you are seeing a bug, most of the time I will ask that a ticket go in first, please, and that you encourage others having issues to do the same, but especially if they are the same issue you had! Tracking bugs, but especially shared bugs, is an excellent way to see them dealt with.
  • Feel free to also tag me in fun, random discussions - can’t be all serious all the time!

I appreciate the answer, wasn’t actually expecting one to be honest. Communication standards in the past have not been… stellar, let’s say. Good to see some improvement more recently though.

And re characters, Fahz is a curiosity. I did not like him at all in the first half of the Campaign but came around to him in Act 3 and onwards. Favorites of mine are Kait and Lizzie though so mostly stick with those. But I’ll leave this topic to the whole Allies thing.

Oh, and one more thing… I don’t actually use this account to play so if you don’t find it in support requests or submissions, don’t be surprised.

(Minor edit : I am also open to private messaging, as an fyi.)

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I’ve got the same issue, and yes I already submitted a ticket and gotten a number. Mine’s a little worse as well. I noticed I had a friend who was now level 4 ally and very close to 5 so we ground out some matches to make it to level 5 ally. During the last match I lost power and got disconnected. When I finally got back on later I saw that my friend had gotten the achievement but I hadn’t.

Also, I find it very telling that TC didn’t test for this before releasing the update. I mean, did TC seriously not anticipate people jumping up in ally level and expecting the achievement to pop?

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