Did they rank rank tiers out?

??? Did they butcher this?

PvP/Ranked changes section.

Still confused so we can’t see our own ranks anymore with a symbol before…during or after a game?

nah, its leaderboards now

Another lame move feels like quickplay again like when the game first came out.

A lot of ppl wanted leaderboards which I’m fine with. Just don’t like the method it has atm

I don’t see why they can’t even show who you beat after every game is a mystery match.

Fine if they want to do a leaderboard. But having NO rank or tier to play for seems odd. I like the idea of working my way up the tiers to see how high I could get in each game mode.

With no tiers or ranking how do they separate players with respect to skill level? I assume that means any player can now play against anyone else regardless of skill level. Is this correct? If so that means you can get teammates and opponents who are wildly different in skill. I don’t see how that makes for balanced matchmaking. Maybe I’m missing something?