Did they mess with the shotgun or is it lag or both

After OP 4 i notice the shotgun is worse. Also i feel theres bullet lag in social and rank. It looks like they cant make things right. Even in horde i feel bullet lag…

Feels fine for me for what that’s worth.

To me it’s actually the best it’s ever been. Usual hit detection issues, but not as bad as it was in the past.

No disrespect,Honestly this morning had to play 1 game on FFA ,(for stars/ objectives)the shotgun was good,Yes I missed a few but got 19 kills+19 deaths,so I couldn’t give anything negative towards the shotgun or servers.

Admittedly I’ve had several matches recently in which the Gnasher was actually on point, which is unexplainable.


Since op4 this is the most consistent Gnasher for me. When I do have issues it’s everything not just the Gnasher. Had a match where literally this stack rolled through point blank shots in the back and hell I even knifed a person stunned him shot them twice got Gibbed zero damage. Happened a couple times yesterday. Since match was a lost cause I went around just using melee. I couldn’t even do any Percent of damage on anyone. I would connect on melee most of the time. Still no damage. Got smoked both rounds. Like it was network manipulation. That’s Gear’s for you I guess. Just makes you wonder sometimes.

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The gnasher gib range right now is so darn nooby. It’s pretty much a gamble every time you get within range. With everyone’s connection it’s pretty much a toss of coin who’s gonna get the gib. They need to reduce that so the chance of a gambling on a gib is less. More shotgun battles, less nooby gibs everywhere. It’s so boring right now holding a shot and gambling.

Up As are EVERYWHERE. And it’s so easy the bullets get sucked right into the target almost every time.

Lag compensation? Getting shot and blown up while the enemy is behind me or clearly missed. The game is just giving people the kill no matter what.

Free kills for all the noobs. Tired of it. Just reduce the damn gib range.

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“Gears works in mysterious ways.”

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