Did they make core 2.8 tuning!? everything in core feelz amazing all of a sudden!

as the title says, cant see it in patch notes, but everything feels great in core all of a suddent! movement and shots wise!

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Octus just stated in the dev stream that no changes have been made to core yet.

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But they have altered the movement! Weapon tuning is still core but movement is 100000000000% comp! :slight_smile: tried and tested.

Fastest way to check is to see if you heal while wallbouncing. Did you test that?

Its 2,8 now mate. Besides weapon tuning. It feels nicer but now getting one rocket shot from the gnasher and trying to stay alive is even harder as your bouncing to safety and staying red longer. Core weapon tuning needs to die

Yeah I just went and tested it. 100% Comp movement in Core tuning now. I guess Octus had no idea because he said (twice) that it’s not in Core yet, but he’s wrong.

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Possibly, I also noticed the Core modes ability to active reload a full clip without ever firing a bullet wasn’t working tonight. It could have been a visual glitch but I tried it several times and never got it to give me an Active unless I had already fired bullets. It’s definitely acting like Comp in that regard.

Bu that’s not a thing in Comp either, unless I’m not understanding what you mean. I always pre-active my lancer at the beginning of the round in Esc

Maybe I’m thinking of Horde… been a long month.

But regardless, I wasn’t getting any actives in Core by doing this. As I said above it may have been a visual glitch but I will test it again tomorrow sometime. I always make a habit of doing it myself so I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t blink as an active would.

yeah I asked him in the stream last night and even he had no idea! which is odd

Why wasn’t it an announcement comp movement is in core now? Feels hella wonky to me and I’m rolling everywhere. People say you bounce faster in comp, but I actually feel super slow.

Like man, now you decide to change the movement? Hit Detection in this game doesn’t validate comp movement yet. Connection and sponging is too bad.

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Haha, isn’t that the truth. Yesterday was a nightmare with hit detection but what else is new.

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That’s unfortunate for you brother. But personally Im so happy they’ve made movement comp movement, once you get used to the slightly reduced slice distance the increase in bounce speed is amazing.

Also they only change the movement not the tuning it self so its kinda pleases two sides, as I despised core before this update.

I don’t think the slip distance is even reduced in Comp 2.8 movement, so I’m not sure why it’d make you roll everywhere. I know it was in past iterations (Comp 2.7 for example), but they removed the long/short slip distance and just made it long slip distance all the time.

Anything Comp related needs to stay out of Core.

TC meddling where they don’t need too.

Anything comp = terrible.


Idk Envii I have to disagree with that one.

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I’d expect you and everyone else on this forum to disagree.



Why don’t you like comp? I’m just curious. Because I honestly with that was the universal tuning

Comp is just terrible all round.

The rifles just feel off (someone picking up a weapon and you are pumping bullets into them, almost a full clip and yet they still pick up and go o_O )

The Gnasher is even worse, so much damage drop off it’s ridiculous. I find it even more inconsistent than Core. The fact that you can put 2-3 full shots into someone but they can take that one step forward, sometimes even walk through a shot to get close enough to Gib you. It just defies logic.

And the no health regen when bouncing is a terrible idea.

All in all, Comp sucks.


I wouldn’t have an issue with it if they’d announced they be tampering with core movement in the update and had I not been playing core for almost 2 years. I play comp every now and then, I got Diamond in Boxes, and I play execution but comp movement just feels slow to me and unresponsive. I’d prefer core movement with comp damage.

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