Did they just nerf the daily ToD objectives?

Just unlocked the daily challenges and there wasn’t a single objective for more than 3 stars and one actually only awarded a SINGLE star.

Is this just bad luck or have they simply reduced the stars you can get everyday?

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Bad luck. I got three 6 stars and two 4 stars.


It’s all luck based. Some days are better than others. I had two 2 stars and two 1 star objectives (but got a 3 star challenge with my free reroll).

Once I had five 1 star objectives, and another time I had five 3 star objectives.

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The only way to get more than 3 stars is with boost. The only way to get a SINGLE star is without boost. This implies you’ve run out of boost.


The best is when you get 4 single stars and then when you reroll, you get another.

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Honestly I think the daily challenges need to get a huge overhaul. Personally I’d rather they just set a star limit per day that you can earn and let you pick from a list of various challenges what you’d like to do.

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Daily objective returns are kinda weak to be honest.

Nothing is nerfed , just do challenges and get your stars, with introduction of Legend , you can always earn stars , great overhaul

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Yeah but 750 each 11 stars when the skins cost 6,800 and 10,000 it’s not a huge deal

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Yeah but that just gives you (as the player) incentive to save up for those cool skins in the store :slight_smile:

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Also upgrading gold cards cost 20k
If I upgrade any of my gold cards I won’t be able to buy a skin for the next 2 months lmao


upgrading gold cards is an extremely ill advised idea, I only recommend folks upgrade green/blue because when it gets to purple/gold it becomes hella expensive and impractical to upgrade anything.

Lately I have been averaging 12-14 stars, including the free re-roll. I also skip the MP objective because it’s usually win an arcade match and it’s 1 star.

Still much better than previous Ops though. So far I’ve received 12,750k coins for stars earned since getting to General compared to sweet FA for any stars earned in previous Ops.

They’ve made it easier and easier every operation and yet people still complain


Yeah but when taking a legendary card from level 5 to level 6 costs 80,000 it kinda matters

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Never buy Legendary unless you have too much Gears Coins and don’t really care. It’s always better to get the Gold Legendary through playing. And it’s quite easy.

If I was able to get Clayton’s Serrated Edge, Lizzie’s Hammer and COG Gear’s Intervention from Level 1 Legendary to Level 6 within 2 days each, that says a lot. And those guys had two Legendary skills.

How many surge runs did you do for this??

None. :grinning:

How on earth can you do that? Mine are all painfully low. They just aren’t comming my way. I may have to do more surge runs but that isn’t always easy for me.