Did they completely remove recoil from the campaign

I was just messing around with the difficulty and noticed that I had absolutely no recoil even on hardcore and inconceivable. Now I did originally change the difficulty from beginner in the settings option but even when I completely exited and started hivebusters on hardcore from the character menu still no recoil

Yeah they did. Its kind of annoying for me tbh. They took away recoil and the slight camera movement when you walk and run. It seems so off-putting, to me. Unnatural.

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That seems so weird

Agreed. It’s ironically counter-productive when you’re too used to dealing with recoil and camera movement.

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I legit am a worse sniper when playing on lower difficulties because there is no sense of weight to the game.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the game should have consistent aiming and movement mechanics game-wide. TC has been shooting themselves in the foot by having radically different aiming and movement based on mode and difficulty. At the very least, all PVE (campaign, horde, escape) should have unified tuning if it absolutely must be separate from versus.


Did you guys accidentally turn on the “disable camera shake” accessibility option or something?

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Yeah, it’s kind of likewhen I’m the middle of a horde wave and my battery pack goes low, for some reason I can’t aim when my controller is almost dead and I don’t have the vibration going on.

Disable camera shake is supposed to only work on beginner to advanced. I have it off and the campaign has no camera shake on insane and inconceivable.