Did they change the base-health of Elite Grenadiers?

I’ve noticed this before, did they change either the Longshot base damage or the Health of the Elite Grenadiers?

Some of of them need a 2nd Longshot bullet to the head after losing their helmet so 3 bullets in total. Some of them only need 1 more after losing their helmet.

Range doesn’t seem to be a deciding factor, I can shove it right in their faces and they still survive it, same on long range - some survive, others don’t.

These are also the only enemies where I saw it happen.

As a Marksman or class with precision rifle damage/headshot damage bonuses or one that doesn’t get any? Because as far as I can remember Elite Grenadiers wouldn’t normally lose their head to an active Longshot headshot even after the damage buffs and health nerfs. It may be that there was a random interaction I sometimes noticed where a shot would do some damage(but not as much as a headshot) when knocking a helmet off, which could explain taking the Grenadier Elite head off after the helmet gets shot off.

Otherwise, it would have to have taken some other damage from either teammates or the other enemies to get a one shot headshot after taking off the helmet with no damage bonus.

^that one. Guess I played too much Fahz then.

@GhostofDelta2 could you close this one?

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