Did they change gears 4?

I noticed we cant vote on maps in versus (koth) anymore there picked for us. Anyone kno why or did a bug get in?


It’s a baby step in deterring people from playing the older game that doesn’t make them money anymore.

I’m guessing there will be other changes. They’re surely not OK with how many people are sticking with the older game.


Strange you say that. During the first week of Gears 5, I simply could not find a game of KOTH on Gears 4 over a few days. Each time I searched was around 18:00-21:00 UK .
But not a game, that never happened before?

Has anyone from TC addressed the situation via here or twitter…who am I kidding :slight_smile:

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i was thinking the same thing and hoping that wasnt the case. Im pretty sure they’ll lose a chunk of there fans if they force ppl to play 5. Thats why we play 4 we DONT wanna play 5 lol Wow this is hard to believe how quickly a franchise can fail due to improperly managing there time effort n money spent.


To be fair its my opinion, but it’s the only thing that makes any sense to me.

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Meh I don’t mind it, games load faster honestly I’ll play gears 5 after some title updates