Did the update today mess with the main menu?

I feel like the texts for campaign and versus are separated and different now. Has anyone else noticed this? Like the red highlighter to select them are going in the middle of the word now. Also random characters appear in the main menu and not my selected one.

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I’ve load up the game and it happens the same to me, the main menu its messed up.

What a surprise :joy: Fix some stuff break others. I suppose we’ll have to qait until the NEXT title update for this to be fixed.

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Hi @SaffronSnail276 Yes I think well have to wait until December as far as I see.

I’ll pray for SANTA CLAUS for a Gears 5 in working state by then. = D jajajajaja LOL

as much as they fixed it seems that more things gets broken … just as Windows Vista in my time man .

A working game would be nice but I’d also accept Lizzie as a playable character.

Nevermind I restarted Xbox after the update then the menu was back to normal. Just restart yours.

Seems fine to me.

Yeah fine for me too

Nevermind again everytime I back out the red line that goes under the versus tab is in the middle of the word. Also random characters are on the main menu not my selected one



Ya my selected character isn’t even on the main menu it’s always a random one now wtf

my game text is in english now, before it was german

Ya tc fix the main menu now

LOL @Jaylin117x

this kind of things shouldn’t happen I mean the VISUAL STUDIO 2020 its almost a perfect coding tool , they as being partners with microsoft should use it to avoid those kind of scenarios. !!! = D jajajajaja LOL

It’s not a tool problem.
The problem is that there’s allot of people doing allot of fixes. In all areas of the game. They cannot realese all these things at once. Because they are connected to other object in the dev build.
Let’s say ToD 2. They might have fixes for things or working on fixes for that update. Some poor soul has to cheery pick the working part of all random fixes and make them work in another build.
Which then has to be tested in all areas of the game.
With more then 10 people joining and leaving matches.

It’s actually a real fricking process. And then they have to send that build to certification. Sweaty business

You should solution yourself (not trying to be a b!tch) since it’s been solved already.

Are you sure it’s random? I thought so too until I checked
all my characters for each Versus mode (both COG and Swarm) and found it was showing my most recent choice from Casual Quickplay.

Apart from the title screen mess up, which then worked again, and then not again, my totemprogress etc is gone. At the very second I hit 100% on the Warden just now… please tell me it’s a hickup :expressionless: