Did the terminator deal expire?

I know it won’t affect most people but I just noticed that the terminator bundle has been removed from both the in game store and the Microsoft store. Seems a bit soon considering Mortal Kombat X still has Predator and Alien available and I think they even had to renegotiate when Disney bought Fox but I’m not sure. Anyway just thought it was weird to be gone already. And also just noticed that the wrestlers are gone too

Yes. Probably due to the license expiring and TC and Microsoft not renewing it. The only reason why Predator and Alien are still in MKX is because the license for using those characters haven’t expired yet.

If only that were true, knowing my luck there’s a good chance they’ll still be available.

Bautista doesn’t bother me but the mere thought of those “The New Day” scum absolutely infuriates me.

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I have some great news for you, one of them got dropped on his head and has broke his neck… Poor fellow get well soon.

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…coincidentally I used one of these for the first time yesterday on Control, I did it to see how much hate I would get :wink:. Amazingly I ended up going 31 for 7 and getting MVP, my best result yesterday (getting 3 quads into the bargain) I think I might use for a little longer.

I think the armour/skin blinded the locust!

I thought you were better than that mucker


The Terminator franchise should be allowed to die.

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This has made my day.

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