Did the servers get worse?

I haven’t played Horde in months. I felt the itch last night and decided to join some random group in custom. It was only like 10pm est when I started browsing. Literally every single room had 1 bar on ping. Did something happen while I was gone? It wasn’t that late so I don’t think the time was the culprit.

I think the server ping display sometimes bugs out and shows a lower amount of ping bars than it should even for the matches hosted on the closest server. Because sometimes when my wifi is working perfectly fine(yes, I know, wired and all that but I currently don’t have the option to run one), I still only get 1-2 ping bars showing even for matches on EU servers when I should only get a ping that high if I joined one on Asian/Australian servers(which I tend to try avoiding).

Restarting the game usually fixes this display issue though.

The game I joined must have really had 1 bar because it was lagging at points. Id be shooting some drone and suddenly I would get hit by 5 bullets at once. If I was a sniper popping heads would have been impractical.

Well it is a possibility that there were no matches within the servers closest to you or that would still provide an adequate experience at least. It is rare but I’ve seen it happen(more so in early morning or late night hours) where there was mostly or only games with 1-2 ping bars available in the lobby browser.