Did the new tuning apply to Private Lobbies?

I play private lobbies every week with the same group. I was telling them about the new tuning and how its going to be a major adjustment, but we didn’t feel a difference. Almost like TC forgot to apply it to the private lobbies. We tried Assist Disabled and Beta Tuning Preview, they both felt the same. After we finished our session I hopped on some Ranked with a few friends and it was noticeably slower.

Seems like the tuning wasn’t applied to private lobbies, can someone confirm this? And if it was, which playlist option should we be using?

Nop new tunings applied on custom, maybe u have the feeling to be little bit more faster but all the freaking delays are definitely present. They pooped on all over the game buddy.

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Damn, I guess I played enough of the new tuning that I’ve gotten used to it. It definitely felt faster to me. Could be placebo.

So Assist Disabled is definitely using it? Ok cool.

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Yeah i’ve disabled aim assist too, i don’t knwo as you said some people don’t really see differences its weird. For me, its everytime a slap il my face on first secondes of playing sadly.

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