Did the new (better) tuning get added yet?

The weekly playlist changed, I was hoping to get more practice with it

I loved the new tuning by the way.

Yes, it’s already applied to all Versus modes.
As a solo player, I finally stand a chance against stacks. :smiley:


Yup it’s live across all PVP modes including Custom Lobbies.

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Do you guys think the ammo should stay at 6 or back to 8?


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Sweet, thank you all!

The more I play this tuning the slower it feels.


Tbh now I’ve played it a fair bit it isn’t that much different. Some decent tweaks but nothing to jump for joy about.

Still got that weighted acceleration which makes your character feel slow as hell which then makes the lancers feel ridiculously powerful. Weapon swapping is also pointlessly slow hindering gameplay.

The pve tuning is just faaaaar superior

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No ship?

I don’t play PvE but that is weird.

I do like this tuning over the last one though

Personally I feel this is not the same tuning I’ve been playing on , under the tuning test option they said to use in private matches .
I’ve seen rumours saying the new tuning is not on the control playlist in ranked . Is this true ? Any clarification?

There is a bug in Control. The weapons are all new tuning but movement changes are not. Maybe it happened in the hot fix for the weapon ammo change—idk. I’m not positive on all modes, but I know ffa is the new tuning in full.

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Good to know. Haven’t yet played comp after weekly reset. Might stay away from Control until they fix this. I’d assume it’ll be fairly quick.

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The ranked tuning is so slow compared to the one I was using in private a last week .

You could slide cancel shot again , but in ranked at the minute you go to do it and it either doesn’t fire or there’s a really long delay

And your first slide into cover is still slow as hell too

Back to 8 for sure.

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