Did the lambent not have any general or intelligent beings?

So because the locust side had Ramm, Skorge, Karn, Ukkon ext… I was wondering if the lambent side had any intelligent beings. Was it just that the locust were outnumbered and the lambent didn’t have any intelligence?

the lambent were more of an infection that an intelligence. more like zombies and NOT like halo’s flood.

Halo’s flood was spread quickly by spores and had a hyper intelligent hive mind behind it once it reached a certain size (Gravemind).

The lambent do not appear to have any sort of supreme intelligence and it takes a certain period of exposure to Imulsion to become lambent.

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It’s almost identical to The Flood.

“That’s what freaks me out more than anything. Grubs, you knew they could think. But these things, they’re just animals. Or plants even, like the damn stalks. What’s driving them? What do they want?”
Sgt. Drew Rossi


I think not man …

they don’t even have Internet…

only intelligent civilizations have Internet, Azure and Instagram…

If we were to take 100 of each Flood and Lambant form (up to Halo 3 only for Flood), and throw them onto modern Earth near each other, who would win? Even if we give the Lambent a pool of Imulsion, they’d eventually use up all their Locust forms reducing them to reproducing a Polyps, Stalks, and Lament Humans. Same that the Flood would only have Human Combat Forms, but the Flood can clearly spread faster then the Lambant, abs the Human Combat Forms are stronger and more durable then Lambent Humans. Even if the Lambant can transform Himans in seconds, the Flood just have stronger forms and can create a Gravemind and more Pure Forms if they get enough biomass, thus having a tactical advantage too. The Lambent are only dangerous on Sera as Imulsion ran throughout the planet allowing the Lambent to continue infecting, it was a threat because it’s domination of the planet was inevitable. Put them on another planet with much less Imulsion and they are not as dangerous.