Did TC low-key buff Snipers in Escape?

Just curious if anyone else feels the same, I previously had little issues taking their shots or at least surviving one with Lahni even with More Lethal enabled on any difficulty, but can’t seem to do this now. An Elite Sniper just took me out in one shot even though I had left More Lethal off on Inconceivable and was in venom, where previously that wouldn’t happen under the same circumstances.

Mine just spam shock grenades that stun lock me so I literally can’t even roll out before I die. Ill leave one atthe last possible second and his buddy will throw another.

Jup, not sure about Elite Sniper but the normal ones definitely deal more damage now.

They also buffed the grenadiers I think. Their gnashers hit way harder now than they did before.

They buffed the longshot weapon itself and that’s what you’re experiencing. They didn’t buff individual enemies like the Swarm Sniper, just the weapon.