Did RAAM's default colors change?

Or am I going crazy? I swear his outfit was much more dirtier and brown when he was released. He looks more like himself now. At least from the menu.


I thought he looked way too grey when the default was released initially. I suspect Vold Raam will be released eventually with the black / Gears 1 color scheme.

Yeah, TC changed it to make it look more like its UE version in the Op2 TU.

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They changed his footsteps, too.

More like his Gears 4 version. He’s all black in UE. His armor anyway.


Gears 1-3 he had black/grey (Vold)
Gears 4 there was Whiteish and Black. It was UE armor with the classic color scheme.
UE he was dark black.
Now it looks like 4s color mixing. But I’ll assume (as stated) Vold will return in dark black.

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I ■■■■■■■ hate the gow4 style for him. Why would TC change him again. Just stick to one main design ffs

Definitely looks like it used to be more faded & brown. There were also some tiny gold bits on him that they changed to silver. I guess to help further differentiate from the Gilded skin.
I do like the new color scheme, though.

Basically checks out.

Better than the color that literally made him look like he was covered in sh*t.

Well, if you’re hanging with Krylls all night long, you’re bound to have one or two of them sh.t on you once and awhile.

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Well I’m glad I’m not going crazy.

Fun fact, RAAM has dialogue with the Speaker (Speaker calls him Uzil; unsure if RAAM talks).