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Did operation 2 get postponed

I was waiting for operation 2 to come out at 12 and now it says it has 23 hours left like WTF?

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December 11th because ya know… reasons


The launch date was fully revealed in last week What’s Up, did you miss it?

This is related to today’s news drop, not what the OP is referring to.

Could you link me to the news drop? I can’t seem to find it.

It never happened. All they did was send out a tweet saying it’s coming later this week. Smh.

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Oh, I saw this…

This is considered new? I knew Operation 2 wasn’t this week but I believe Free for All is tomorrow. Or did that change

No you’re confused. The launch of Operation 2 is December 11th. This was announced last week.

This week is the complete reveal of Operation 2. Trailer, full details, etc. Everyone was expecting it today, but to no one’s surprise, it’s not here yet.



I honestly wasn’t expecting it today. I had no idea there was a full reveal, lol.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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No problem. Can’t blame you with TC’s weak communication skills.

Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.



Stop it. You’re making me laugh.


Haha, always gotta have some optimism in there. That’s just the way I am :slight_smile:


Maybe it has something to do with Halo: Reach dropping tomorrow? That’s my guess

I have to stop setting myself up for disappointments. Of course we get nothing today.


Bunch of tossers. :joy: I am just here to check the news and see if it’s any good, and ofcourse it’s - the news- postponed.

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Full Noble team would make sense.
At very least it’s a full team and you can setup a cool Stacked 5.

Link, your awesome!

Yeah but Resident Evil 3 Remake is allegedly coming sooooooooooo!

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If nothing gets announced in the next 54 minutes, it will be another disappointment in my time zone.