Did not receive double stars this past Saturday

I did not receive any double stars on Saturday 9/21. Anyone else not receive their double stars?

I received them. The extra stars were blue right next to the regular ones in the Daily Objectives.

I didn’t have them on Sunday. Saturday worked fine though

It was only for Saturday not Sunday.

I don’t recall getting any stars either to be perfectly frank. No blue stars showed up and I completed medals and challenges.

I received them although the extra blue stars were shown inconsistently for me when viewing the objectives in the tour of duty screen. Sometimes they were there sometimes they were missing but the extra stars were always awarded in the results screen.

AFAIK you needed to have an active boost in order to receive the x2 star reward for daily tour objectives.

Yeah I got ripped off too. This game is a JOKE!

what part of “DAILY OBJECTIVES” do you not understand?

I finished some daily objectives, still didn’t get any.

You have to have active Boosts to receive Double Stars. It was stated in the announcement.

Have like 53 days of Boost.

hmm that is weird then, maybe you were already on the game before the stars event kicked in and you didnt restart or looked for the blue stars?

I logged in, did a few matches to clear dailies, did some long horde matches, didn’t get any stars or see any the entire time.