Did koth change? (Discussion on changes Main thread)

What stream? Got a link… So they ruined koth why? Been the same as far back as I can remember…why not give half the points? 10 and 30 are a joke when the ring is more important than kills… Sorry I don’tike the change…


They want the point values to more closely represent the effect on personal performance in ranked matches. People were under some illusion that MVP with an average amount of kills was super impressive because of their caps, but in reality, that player contributes less to the win than others. Reducing the points for caps/breaks is now more accurate.


LuL is it really 10/30 now? Literally nobody is going to play the objective now.


I like that a lot to be honest. Love it!

It was killing me to hear chumps say, “but but i got mvp and”

Shut up!

Great change.

Getting on tonight simply due to this.

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How about who cares about mvp? What are you 8 years old? It kills you? Never heard anyone brag about mvp in a second rate xbox game. Wow first world problems… Clearly you can see its all caps…and breaks… Now people just farm kills… They gave downs more points? Um that’s not the objective lol like I said you could have halfed it. Instead they made it 1/10 the score making it essentially worthless


I seriously think I’m probably the person with the most KOTH matches played in the community, and I feel like this is a positive change.

For so long, people were talking and rating themselves higher due to the points on the board. I personally have been annoyed by that for a long time since these people think they belong in Diamond 5/Master rank when they clearly don’t.

How many times have i heard, “I’m as good as those top ranks but the ranking is broken,” or something like that? Too many times.

For example, I play the objective at all times but that doesn’t mean I have to physically be inside the ring.

In soccer/basketball, if you are not defending the guy with the ball are you not playing defense? There are lanes, spots, areas, zones, and other people to defend.

So many people die for the cap by entering it when the opposing team CLEARLY has a dropshot to get a multi-kil. Stupid pushes for a 100 point break? Yep.

30/10 from 300/100 seems a bit too much though. I would have been fine with simply cutting the points in half.

Either way, I see it as a positive change. I for one will not change the way I play one bit.


Two thoughts about this:

  1. This is exactly the attitude which I see in RANDOMS when I see them chasing after meaningless random kills across the map from the ring, when I am trying to break and survive 1v3 at the ring/next long enough for my team to arrive , and

  2. Really? With all the crap pushing people away from this game, THIS is what they think will help? Really??
    It’s really sad, IMO, and every time they do crap like that I just lose more hope that they can ever get their act together.


While some kills are meaningless, in general, kills > hills since you can’t defend the hill without clearing everyone out. Even kills across the map are important if your team currently has the hill capped, since they are being delayed.

Well this is addressing a very common complaint that TC gets (arguably the most common). People constantly saying “I have MVP” even though MVP doesn’t describe what the ranking system uses for performance. Of course, lots of the complaints are valid anyway, but this may reduce the amount of misinformation.

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Sometimes what you say has good meaning and makes sense, sometimes. Keep it up :sparkling_heart:

I think this is a good change. 300/100 was way too high.

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Let’s also keep in mind that it isn’t one or the other. For example, I just finished a game wiht 26 caps, 154 elims and 68 downs.

Play to win. Simple.

Yes, 300/100 was definitely too high but I kinda feel like 30/10 is too low lol.

I think 100/50 would have been perfect.


Well, here is the problem. This change butters the egos of slayer players, nothing else. And while it does that very well, it kicks beginner and average players in the teeth.

I was a complete beginner 2 years ago. I couldn’t get a kill most of the time to save my life, but I quickly learned the dynamics of koth, and I focused of breaks, caps, and power weapon pickup/denial. I got a reasonable amount of points, I felt like I was contributing while I was learning, and now, 2 years later, I tend to have the least caps (but usually the most breaks). So honestly this change wont affect me at all…

However, it will affect future new players (and lets not forget: the majority of the changes the majority of existing players HATE were made in the name of getting, helping, and retaining NEW players) … So this is a very schizophrenic move by TC, IMO: they are sacrificing the new player potental in favor of buttering up the egos of some top slayer players… Not just new players, I know and play with a number of, shall we say average rank players, who do an awesome job capping, allowing us to setup, defend, and do the eliminating. They are now being kicked in the teeth too, and I strongly suspect number of them will stop playing…

What is more damaging to TC and this game? Losing some percentage of the top 5% of the player base because their egos are hurt due to losing MVPs through low caps, or losing a bigger percebtage of the silver/gold player base AND turning away new players with a very anti noob points change?

It REALLY feels like a completely illogical thing to be doing, at this point, and to me smells like grasping at straws desperation : even if cloaked as “responding to community feedback”.

Like so much of what they do, this is paper thin and doesn’t survive scrutiny if you think about the big picture for more than 30 seconds…

But hey, I can’t play this game anymore, I am mostly exclusively GoW4 now, for my Gears fix, so while I do think this is a huge mistake for them, I don’t care, and it affects me… not at all…

Enjoy your non-capped MVPs, everyone!


Good post. I see what you are saying and we definitely have to see the long term effect, but so far tonight I see people playing the same way.

No one seems to be getting into the ring any less or anything like that.

The only thing I can see is that people will complain about “not performing” the same due to points on the scoreboard and that is EXACTLY what TC, @mike_yaworski and I are arguing - that the scoreboard didn’t necessarily reflect performance.

I’ve had games were i cap a lot and get the mvp by far but i know in me that I didn’t really play well.

They just made the change. Lets see what it is in a month…

This whole capping = 300 points thing was also completely breaking Escalation with randoms. The MVP of the team gets to decide which weapon is placed and that almost always went to the guy capping our home hill. Generally if I have 3 randoms on my team, every single one of them will cap the home hill… lol

Anyway, we can differ in opinions here, but I don’t think more accurately valuing caps vs kills is really kicking them in the teeth. You shouldn’t just give people a bloated score because they’re new players. The incentive to cap a hill is in winning, not getting points.

That’s not the point of this change. The change is so that the average player can better understand their performance and how that affects their rank. I don’t think TC had the top 5% of players in mind at all when making this decision.


30 points for a cap… I mean, wow. What a scam!

TC needs to learn a thing or two about incremental change. When there’s a problem, often times the best approach is to make small adjustments until you reach the desired state. What TC usually does, however, is create a problem, and then push the pedal so far to the floor in trying to fix things that they create another problem, just in the opposite direction of the original one. I get that 300 points/cap was a bit too much, but who in their right mind thinks that a cap should only be worth 1/3 the points of a down? Is it King of the Hill or King of the Down? I demand answers!

They did the same thing with the Markza. It was extremely overpowered at launch, and instead of slowly taking it down to where they wanted it through incremental nerfs, they nerfed like 4 things at once about the weapon, and now it’s completely worthless and not even worth the effort to pick up. OMG!


50/100 since breaks are the hard part :slight_smile:

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Same with escalation.

Yeah, i thought about that after I wrote my comment. That would be just fine.

I have a feeling that they will increase from 30/10 soon.