Did i miss something

Is this gnashers only week because i just played ranked dodgeball and koth with only gnashers and weapin pickups. No smoke grenade,lancer. Or snub.

LOL I assume it’s a bug. Today with the update, they implemented private matches having a “Gnashers Only” option. I haven’t played today to confirm what you just said, but if it’s true, I bet QA mucked up and didn’t see it getting put into ranked as well.

Not experienced this myself but I’ve been waiting a long time for Gnashers Only KOTH to make a return.

Blitz was a good second choice and would have been better if it was added into Core Ranked.

It was. I was playing without the update. I really was enjoying koth on gridlocked with no lancers. Lol. When i apllied the update it went back to normal