Did I miss something ? Because I can't win any gunfight in this game

I am play this game since the beta. I was diamond on series one, onyx on series 2, I didn’t play series 3 and now on series 4 I can’t win a simple gunfight. 2 shots and the game counts one, rushing against the opponent and he kill me, he rushing me and I lost too, the opponent is behind a box, I am rushing on her side and shoot NOTHING HAPPENS.
I miss something on core gnasher ? They changed something ?
And no, isn’t my ping, sometimes yes but this normally happens in my europe servers with 20-30 Ping.

Clearly the only things you are missing… are your shots. :sunglasses: (i’ll see myself out)


Yeah the entire old forum gets erased, mostly topics like these…

Edit: That guy on the anigif above, the main reason I’ll skip Gears5. TC needs some grip on reality and start solving problems with Multiplayer, not wasting efforts to cover them up.


I believe they’ve added in another delay after run to blind shot fire.

You now need to take the gears 2 approach and quickly LT then RT

What was so wrong with the quickness of gears 1 :frowning:

TC is more concerned about making the community happy and by happy that means ignoring the problems with lag and lag related issues due to connections, and instead has opened the flood gates to anyone that has a connection no matter how bad or off the wall it is to get in and play Gears. In the end they reap the rewards with the messed up connection and those who have quality connections get aggravated and end up walking away from this game every day feeling screwed.

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Im in the same boat man, i get ive had a break from Gears 4 but ive always been good at Gears.

Core is weird, so many times i shoot accurately and they dont die yet a mili second afterwards they shoot back and its a one shot. Im guaranteed always 1-2 shotted against me.

Ive been saving up some clips and will likely make a post but i can assure you once i hit Diamond TD, im done with core, possibly Gears until Gears 5 and there ill decide if i ever play this game againt.

Please no RNG packs…

EDIT: These arent even the really bad ones but you get my point.

Watching those actually triggered me. RIP

Dont say that, this is where you help me and tell me what i did wrong and how i can have their one shot gnashers.

I cant take this anymore.