Did I Miss Something about Computers?

Did I miss a meeting or something where Crossplay was deemed the communist spawn of the devil at some point? I get the variety of advantages for MnK in some games but I just don’t feel like Gears is one of those…

Never seen a PC player in Gears I couldn’t at least level out with (at my skill level).
Even in games like Apex Legends I never see PC players wipe the floor, if anything they’re just slightly better than some other players.

Who whoulda thunk a dedicated player would invest thousands into a PC versus a casual player on a 200$ console?

Either way I’ve had no issue from PC players, other than the extremists of course, (Ghost, Envi). So why now is Forced Crossplay so bad?

Sure you weren’t just bad to begin with?

(Sweaty KOTH tryahrds when I tell them to git gud)


Going to close this one because my magic 8 ball tells me this could lead to toxic arguing.