Did gears 4 have adhesion?

I know that’s what the beta playlist is with all adhesion off. Did gears 4 have this?


As far as TC is to be believed and judging from my own experiences - adhesion is a feature that was only introduced to Gears in Gears 5. Did not exist in prior games which only had bullet magnetism and this so-called ‘friction’.

So no, Gears 4 did not have it but it didn’t seem to be an issue aiming without that. I actually felt like it was easier to hit shots in certain regards because the reticle either wasn’t glued to the center of an enemy nearly as much or it wouldn’t get pulled around randomly if you were aiming at a stationary or multiple enemies and your aim got pulled by the moving ones which messes your shots up in 5(that includes PvE).

So does the playlist still have bullet magnetism and friction still?

It should have. All they say is off in it is adhesion which is basically what previous Gears games were like.

Ook so does it play more like gears 4 to you then? Do you like it better?

Haven’t tested that playlist. Maybe if I find interest in Versus I might.