Did crossplay get disabled?

I’m a PC player and I just noticed that I haven’t been matching up with ANY xboners

Nope! Have you updated your game first?

Edit: nvm, misunderstanding


I’ve always wondered how many people that say “Xboners” mean it as Xbox-One-Ers and how many mean it as X-Boners.

I don’t think he meant it in a disrespectful manner.

Anyway. I could only hope it would be disabled. It’s hardly fair against some players that are aiming with a mouse, it’s 10x easier. It doesn’t make them invincible, but it’s certainly advantageous.

(yes I’m aware of the ability to plug in an Xbox controller, I didn’t say ALL PC players)

What modes are you playing on? I played a 1-50 Inconceivable Horde on Dawn this morning and had 3 PC players and 2 Xbox One players (including me).

On Ranked, the ability to find Xbox One players also rely on those players having the Ranked Crossplay mode on rather than off.

In other modes, Social, Co-op VS AI and JIP modes, Crossplay is enabled by default.

That worked, thanks!

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