Did anyone notice the Silverback Scorcher seems to be working fine now?

Strange they wouldnt say anything…

“Pilot: When equipped on the Silverback, the Scorcher will no longer point to the ground.”

It was in the OP6 patch notes




But i just tested it… With the 80% damage boost card it appears to do less damage than the Enforcer AND cold finish doesnt seem to apply…

So hurray for pointing forward, but it is pretty useless…


Lv6 isn’t better and like you said, no freeze damage. Unless they turn that thing into a Napalm-werfer the Mulcher stays on the SB.

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That card is hilarious. I don’t know why this card would belong to pilot, but thing to say is the Scorcher in PvE Master level is extremely weak, while in PvP, it’s strong.

TC should adjust the basic damage to the Scorcher for at least 100% compared to previous ones in PvE only.

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Useless for pilot,give it to Jack instead!


I love this idea

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That’d be hilllerious, haha…


Trishot is also an option.

Why is nearly everyone thinking the Tri-Shot is a good choice?
This thing is too weak and the healing effect is crap.
To use the Salvo is the most efficient way to heal your SB.
And on the other site equip the Mulcher for bleeding damage.
Try it out and you will never go back to Tri-Shot.
And not only for Lizzie, there is no really helpful usage of this weapon in horde.
Sometimes i use it with KAT to charge my used hologram, but that’s all.

If a bunch of Elite Drones hide behind covers and constantly fire their Claws in the distance, your silverback is gonna explode in less than 20 seconds.

For this you can shoot 2 or 3 Salvo shots on them, your SB gets repaired, they leave their cover and you can hit them with your Mulcher, so they get bleed damage, get freezed by 25% health or lower and you can smile and kill other enemies.
That’s really easy.
And if your SB gets destroyed, shoot 2-4 shots with your Dropshot and you can use it again.

Everyone has different strategies.

I never found the salvo to be particularly useful, and its very limited ammo count is a huge problem.

I find alternating between the trishot and mulcher i can keep shooting without any cooldown delays, and i find the trishot to be a pretty effective way of dropping guadian shields (and then switching to thr mulcher)…

Works for me, ymmv.

If i wanted to use the salvo and i wanted the heeling effect i would need to give up either stim or cold finish, both of which i like, so thats another reason why it is not appealing to me.

You know…I want the Salvo like GoW 3…with infinitive ammo.

I changed the stim card for explosive healing.
It’s really interesting that no one wants the charging effect of the Salvo.
Give the Salvo a try if you have Keegan in your team.
You can constantly shoot if he uses his ulti, is really funny.

This strategy won’t work on Harbor when defending the players spawn location.
Enemies are either too far away in the distance or on the “high ground” on Harbor’s central axis.

Mulcher can deal a lot of bleeding damage but its accuracy is not good.
But with Trishot, I can make quick work of the drones even if they are far away and fight Scions/DR-1s in close range.

What are you using than?
Tri and Salvo?

Yes, Trishot and Salvo.
So you equip the Healing Munitions card?

I changed to the blue card what heals you.
They changed them from healing Lizzie to healing her and SB.
But i think the card is very broken, one guy of our group said, you can heal the SB with enemy explosions or something like that.
I don’t really remember, was some weird crazy stuff.
But if so many are convinced of the Tri i will try it again.
Is a long time ago i played with it, the only thing i remember, i changed really quick to the Mulcher.

Well, it’s Healing Explosives then. I think this card works for the silverback only because it’s bugged.

I also use Aggressive Armor when playing a 50-wave Horde match. To deal considerable damage, Pilot needs a lot of energy spent on weapons lockers. There is not enough energy in the first 10 waves but at least this card makes the player tougher and not easy to be downed.
It works even when the player is in the silverback, so it allows the player to be FULLY Stimmed after getting out of the silverback if the time is up or the silverback is destroyed.