Did anyone like Apex Legends?

So, It became very popular in a short period of time, And I think it deserves it, Respawn is a very talented team in my opinion.
I got addicted to it too, Of course I won’t purchase anything to not support EA byt anyway.

Is anyone playing it? It replaced Gears as my main game currently haha, Until Gears 5 releases I will be playing it a lot.

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It’s very overrated IMO, though it does run smooth as hell on PC considering it’s a BR game.

I’m pretty bored of the BR genre now because I find the queue/land/loot/die/repeat process really annoying now. I played a lot of H1 and about 3000 games of Fortnite, so I’ve had my fix. And the looting was cool when I first started BRs, but it’s annoying at this point for me.

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Well I played Fortnite and PUBG a bit and hated them. But a Battle Royale Titanfall Game? Now that’s interesting for me.
It’s fast paced also so there is no reasons to hate it but that’s just me

I don’t have the patience for BR type games, but I have a lot of respect for the success that Respawn has managed to achieve - especially considering that they claim to have done so with minimal interference from EA.

The only thing that concerns me about Apex is how this will affect Titanfall. I friggin love those games, but I’m weary whether Apex’s success will turn into a Fortnite situation where they just support that game and abandon everything else.

If Respawn manages to maintain some level of autonomy, then this might not be a problem; but I wouldn’t put it past EA to suddenly start putting a lot of pressure on them to focus on their new money making machine.

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The EA logo scares me in this game too, I used to be like you in BR games but somehow I loved Apex A LOT,
Don’t think Respawn would do that unless EA tells them to, Because Unfortunately, EA bought Respawn as you know.

i hope BR’s die soon because i’m pretty tired of the genre already apex is a good game but i’m just getting tired of all these BRs

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Not a fan of games with rng. I don’t get how people find 3-5 minutes of looting fun and deserving of being a core game mechanic. I’ll play occasionally , however, since a lot of my friends aren’t cut out for Siege.

My typical gaming day now is an hour of aim training, and then an hour of siege/hour of overwatch or just two hours of siege. For aim training, I just run through terrorist hunt missions as such: https://streamable.com/gw7sy


i think what makes apex legends better than other BR’s is that you aren’t out of the game completely once you die as long as a mate grabs your banner which is honestly pretty nice because in things like blackout (not counting special event) you can die like 4 minutes in then you just have to sit there or have your friends die to go into the next round

TLDR; re-spawning is nice

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Sure, but it’s still randomized matchmaking which means a guy in his first game can get put up against someone who has played thousands of games. I think it’s the best battle royale, but I’m just not into the genre in general.

Battle royale is epic! And i dont mean games that uses that name! Pubg, fortnite and apex are not even close the real thing. But when i was looking game play and videos of apex legenda it was rly nice looking game. Only - (what is why i dont play it) is you really need a lot of time for play that. Liked the idea of party but that just means much More time to spend in game.

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Not my thing. I played one game then realised what it was.
I haven’t got time for br games. My son must have downloaded it on his console cause it was on mine so I gave it a try.
Each to there own.

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I played it a couple of times since I cannot play Gears on my PC and I wanted a new multiplayer game to play but I found the game mostly being loading screens then playing briefly then dying then spectating for 20 minutes and more loading screens and i got bored of it really fast and uninstalled it :grin:

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