Did anyone else end up 200 points short of earning the ashfall breaker mace and psychedelic breaker mace during the esports streams over the last few months

i have watched every stream for the last few months and i got everything including the character skins but i never got thethe ashfall breaker mace and psychedelic breaker mace. Last week it says i ended up with 4300 points and the previous series i had the same so i was 200 points short of earning the maces, but i haven’t missed a stream that i am aware of so does the stream sometimes miss count time watched and did this happen to anyone else.

You would have missed something though - sounds like a couple of hours from the originally schedule of streams; and you presumably missed the last stream which was 3x points.

Week 5 was delayed due to server problems.

Best case scenario, you should have gotten 1000 points per week for weeks 1-4 - so 4000.

In week 5 due to the postponement, they gave out points (500) for an extra stream on the Thursday of week 5, so the first 5 weeks would have given you 4500 as a best case scenario.

The games from week 5 were then done in an extra week 6 on just the Tuesday (so no Wednesday stream, just Tuesday that week) and they gave out triple points (1500 I think). So in total the best case scenario for anyone would have been 6000 in total if you didn’t miss anything.