Did anyone actually get the Armored Kantus this time?

In 15 packs, I got only 3 dupes of the Theron Elite, which I had before anyways. Did any of you get the Kantus? I’m pretty tilted but at least I finished the weapon skin set, which I really like the look of those skins.

That sucks man.

I had crazy luck this time. I bought 2 packs… Got the kantus in one and the Theron in the other.

First time that has happened to me in gears 4

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I got extremely lucky the first time the pack was released and got both chars & the full weapon set in 7 packs

My friend who was playing for the first time got armored kantus on his first try.

I opened another pack and got the Kantus, super stoked rn.

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I opened 15 packs and received 6 Theron Elite and no Armored Kantus. Completed the weapon set and got a few characters I would never craft but may use at some point.

I had just given up after buying 10 packs some hours ago. But then I decided to buy 7 more packs(my last credits) and got 3 therons and 2 kantus. Best RNG I ever had.

First time buying these packs and got armored kantus and theron elite in 12 packs.

I bought 10 packs and got 1 Armored Kantus and 3 Theron Elites. When they were originally offered, I got blanked on the Armored Kantus. Glad they returned an happy to have AK in my swarm characters.