Diamond shotgun banner?

Just played a versus game and at the end were the highest player gets shown on screen had a cool looking diamond shotgun banner in the background of his character,it’s not available to craft,buy or earn in gears 5. I take it this was a diamond player from GEARS 4 who got the banner when starting GEARS 5 maybe? Any knowledge on this much appreciated

How are you playing? Give me access and I’ll figure it out for you. Lol. Joking of course.

Yeah idk how. That wasn’t part of any challenges from Gears 4

I have that one, it’s the “G4 Esports Supporter Banner.” Blue, with the geometric Gnasher and wreath behind it, right?

I can’t find any info on where it came from, but I assume it’s from buying Esports Supporter Packs in Gears 4?

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