Diamond Scion practically impossible for UK/Europe players?

Opinions? Is it actually impossible for a UK/Europe player?

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As a solo player like me, hell no.

Otherwise i say you have a chance as a 5man stack due to the fact that it will be easier and that you shorten the amount of needed players to actually find a game.

Good luck and even better luck if you’re soloing it.


Lol he isnt talking about skills but actully finding matches. Nope you can’t grind for diamond scion in Guardian and Dodgeball or even Execution. The only game modes you can actually find matches are TDM, KOTH and Escalation. The other 2 you have to pair up with americans

They are letting you get the diamond scion if you get above a .5 WL in at least 100 matches in social, and they are even allowing you to achieve this in co op versus casual bots!

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I know which is why i mentioned both.

“and that you shorten the amount of needed players to actually find a game.”

No way that is true right? The kills nobody should mind what people do it on as its only for ruby but i doubt your option is either "Get 5 diamond ranks or just play 100 social matches.

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Are you trolling. You need 5 D1 in five different gamemodes.

On topic: I think it is nearly impossible since there are not enough players playing Dodgeball or Guardian.

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I’m from Europe and have the requirements done for the Scion. Not impossible but extremely inconvenient.

Can’t find games in solo way tc not fixing this issue 15 minutes to find a game koth

I have a friend of mine who kept searching dodge in Europe, and he couldn’t find a single match for 5 hours straight.

Mind to tell me how did you do it? Thanks

Yeah he trolls a lot dont mind him

Damn you must play a lot… The wait time alone to find games for certain modes would be long enough, let alone reaching diamond already.

I assume you squaded too but im struggling to see how a EU player could do it either way.

Not really, I barely played when the challenge was originally announced and just happened to finish it like two weeks ago. I already had Diamond 5 in Escalation so didn’t have to worry about that.

And yeah I was squaded up for the games, most were on US servers but we managed to get some games of Guardian and Execution on EU.

I wanna see your stats now and a clip, i suppose squading does help but i im losing my mind on Solo trying to get this final 10% on TD so that im diamond.

I get so close then 1 loss takes away multiple wins down the drain.

You should definitely squad up, makes it way easier. I nearly lost my Diamond 5 in Escalation because of bad teammates.

Anyways, I rarely record clips on Gears but here’s one I got while playing Escalation.

Also here’s a pic of my stats for Guardian this season.

I’m not really sure what to say about the whole losing a lot of percent situation. It never happened to me really, I’d just get stuck for a while. If that’s happening to you then it’s even more of a reason to squad up I feel.

I’m from Australia and the only way I can play any kind of ranked match is by piggy backing off someone. For this reason I usually end up with a 340 ping and can’t get a kill if my life depended on it. On the Aussie servers I get a sweet ping of 25 but nobody plays here so what’s the fucken point? No diamond Scion for me

I don’t understand how you’re Diamond 2 yet you’ve barely played 251 guardian Matches. Meanwhile I’ve played over 850 matches, but yet the highest rank I could get is Onyx 3. And from there it’s damn near impossible to get to diamond… like how do you do it?

I normally finish MVP and rarely die so I guess that helps a lot. Apparently the less games you’ve played in the mode, the easier it is to rank up because it can’t base much off previous seasons. Not sure if it’s true though but if so, it could explain why I ranked up to Diamond 2 after playing only 30 games.