Diamond Scion – Potentially Unwinnable?

Horde player here… I’m thinking about perhaps going for the Ruby and Diamond skin incentives. After reading multitudes of posts on the previous forum and this new revised forum as well I am still uncertain and completely confused about how the ranking process works.

Just need some definitive clarification on a few questions if anyone can help me out here.

… There are a limited number of Diamond slots available?

If this is the case, then how many people (per game type) can attain Diamond and is this status available anywhere to check where my place in line is? I’ve looked at the stats page; it provides no answers to this question directly.

… If you are stuck at Onyx 3… you need to wait your turn until someone loses their Diamond before you can move up?

So… potentially a person could be Onyx 3 (100%) and never achieve Diamond because the quota of Diamond’s have been met and nobody from Diamond has gone down? What if this was the case at the time the Challenge ended? Could a person lose out on the Diamond Swarm skin even though he/she met the 6,000 kill requirement but because of a tier limit was never awarded Diamond status?

… You need only attain the rank of Diamond, not keep it, to have officially earned it?

In addition to the above question… would a person need to have achieved 5 - Diamond 1 ranks in 5 different game types AT THE SAME TIME… or can a person gain and lose Diamond status in 5 different game types at 5 different time intervals?

About 1-2% of the population of the mode are in Diamond (all of 1-5). The website shows that percentage in the playerbase above the Diamond bar. I think it is currently glitched and always says 0%, but it used to be ~1.7% for many of the modes. Nodezero has also confirmed on a livestream that it’s 1-2%.

Won’t happen. Trust me, if you get Onyx 3, 100%, you will definitely move into Diamond 1 after several hours. 1 day at the most, though that has never happened to me. It’s always been within 0-3 hours for me. If for some reason you are stuck at 100% on the last day of the season and it ends, you won’t qualify for Diamond. But that is not something you should worry about lol.

Whether or not is it is theoretically possible to stay at Onyx 3, 100% is up for debate in the community. I doubt it has ever happened to anyone. I believe that once you are at 100%, you are guaranteed to be in the “Diamond bucket”. Essentially you are already qualified for Diamond, but just waiting to be updated as such. Someone has already moved out of your “spot”.

They’ve described it as an “expanding bucket” where you can move in/out, so I’m not sure if it specifically works like you are “taking someone’s spot”. It could be more like you got in, regardless of those who are already in, and because it’s full, someone else gets pushed out. I’m just rambling my thoughts at this point but yeah.

No. Could have 2 of them Diamond, lose those, then get Diamond in 3 others, lose/keep those. Would still get the character.

Yea I was scared at first that I wouldn’t get promoted to diamond from onyx 3. I kept reading the forums and seeing people say they never got promoted. The best thing you can do is just try for yourself and see what happens. I remember being disconected from a game at like 98%, then I checked right when it happened and it said 80%. But I rejoined won the match and it changed to 100%.

Ya know… after pondering this for a few hours on my own, I’ve come to the conclusion that based on everything being said on the Wed. and Thurs. streams, posted on twitter or introduced into this game as of late being completely FUBAR each and every time, what’s even the point sometimes. Thanks for answering though… think I’ll save myself the headache and learn from my past mistakes with this game.


How will they know who got diamond in all 5, if you just get in and then dropped out of it. Last I saw they were having trouble rolling out the last rewards for something similar. Would we have to screenshot our own progress and submit it to them?

They can see what your highest placement was, so if it was Diamond you’d get the skins and stuff if you dropped to Onyx

Yeah… they sarcastically claimed on the Dev Stream the other week that they “See Everything” we do. I’m not buying that for a minute as I know for a fact that I have done Flaming Weapon Skin challenges with friends that have gone above and beyond the requirements needed to award them, they’ve posted on the previous iteration of the forum multiple times that they are missing their skins and to this day they STILL don’t have them.

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