Diamond Scion hunters

So I know this probably isn’t the best platform, but seeing as all the other LFGs are horrible and never updated, I’ll shoot my shot anyway. I have diamond in TDM, and I had a stack I was running with but they didn’t want to move on because for some unknown reason they can’t get Diamond. this leaves me in a tough place, because while I Love running with this group I need to move on and find players with similar interests. If anyone would like to run a stack and hunt down that diamond scion shoot a message or add me. Good luck hunting!!!

Add me. GT is the same as my forum

GT: Cz Turko

I would like to enter but Im from EU.

Add me: GHO5TS3C im already diamond in tdm as well just started grinding guardian and koth… Got a long way to go as im shooting for execution n dodgeball after those 2 modes

We’ve played together before, at least I’m pretty sure. Played TDM against your stack of 4 and we got smacked but you guys picked me up and we went on a pretty lengthy streak.

Lmao well if u didnt friend me send me a request, i like playing 5 man, i play with a lot of ppl, also like winning XD… im on sunday monday and tuesday nights usually anytime between 7pm-7am Eastern, i work nights Wed-Sat no time to play

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I’ll add you too. I was a Diamond 3 in KotH last season but after not playing for a bit I can’t find a consistent group so I get annoyed and stop playing. This doesn’t help me do well in matches because as you know when you don’t play much you kinda mess with your Aim.

I’m not worried about the Scion as I’d never use him but it never hurts to have good players.

Yeah def add me i gotta work tonight n tomorrow but ill be on on sunday

Sounds good. :sunglasses:

A team that actually crossfire’s would be nice. Randoms only use Gnashers which I prefer to use but when the enemy team is cross firing it doesn’t matter if I Lancer or not. 1v5 I’m screwed.

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I added you I believe yesterday, but I’ve been busy so I’ve only been squeezing max 4 games in my days.

I am interested I’m working on koth rn. I can work well with a team but I may be the weakest link.
Tsirhc ytnap

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Hi I’m also interested. I’m nearly diamond 5 in koth but I need the other 4 diamonds. I can’t find games for guardian or dodgeball so I wanna find some squad to make it easier.

Gt: iniesta98