Diamond reward wait

Welp I just got my diamond in KOTH, now I’m waiting for S3&4 diamond skins lmao


Congrats :+1:

S3 Rewards should be any day / week now.

S4 Rewards should be a lot sooner after the season has ended due to TC simplifying the system.

Aren’t we all. Don’t hold your breath

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When will we get the diamond 5 emblem for season 3. I wonder

You are on fire man I wont go for diamond until I get my season 3 diamond skins. Tc are taking way too long to put them in. Its almost like they are waiting for season 4 to end,to deploy them all at the same time.

I hope you wait for them while seated lol. Hopefully before gears 5

If I don’t get my S3 until the end of S4 I’m gonna lose it lmao