Diamond master emblem has been available for 2 seasons in a row, why are the original ranked emblems still unobtainable?

So the diamond master emblem was available in season 3 and now again in season 4. The original bronze, silver etc emblems were available in season 0 but TC didn’t even announce that they were the rewards for that season until the season was already over. Can we get another chance at the ranked emblems?

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What? I can not find the diamond master emblem on my emblem list and I was D5 in Season 3. I only have the normal diamond emblem. I dunno about bronze and silver though.

Edit: I neither have seen anyone with the Diamond master emblem yet

They haven’t rolled out the season rewards which includes the weapon skins and Diamond Master emblem.

Dana also said they may think of doing a new emblem for reaching Diamond Master this season or they might keep it the same if people want that.

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I don’t see why the emblems were exclusive to Season 0 tbh, but they did say they were. May ruffle some feathers to make them available again. I think they should, but understand if they don’t.

Regardless, what makes you think the D5 emblem is available Season 4 as well? It’s undecided at this point. We only have a guarantee for Season 3.