Diamond is the new onyx tier

I’ve gone masters in TDM,KOTH, and FFA. After playing I’ve realized the level of skill per tier has changed compared to gears 4.

Playing against diamond feels like onyx/gold tier players.

Masters feels like diamond/onyx tier(with the exception of some really good players)

Ranking up feels a way too easy IMO (onyx and above) Getting masters is gears 5 is 1000x easier than getting Diamond Master in gears 4. I feel like the skill level for onyx tier and up was very high with Gears 4. Gears 5 I feel like there’s scrubs in onyx (even diamond sometimes) that don’t play like their tier.

Maybe TC should add two more tiers to diamond or two more to masters to distinct the good players from the great ones.

How do y’all feel like the skill level of tiers in gears 5 is compared to 4?


Day and night u really don’t need that much skill in general to play this game but yeah the rank system is way too generous 4 is superior yet again


i agree
i was onyx3 97% in gears4, i couldn t be diamond
im actually diamond2 in gears5, i dont think i will be master…(koth)
Diamond players were onyx in gears4…
i see a lot of very bad players be onyx in gears5…they should be silver or gold…


I’d like to have a Platinum rank that you can get after the Diamond rank.

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Wait…but isn’t this what you all asked for? Everyone wanted a rank system that was fair and didn’t punish people who performed well on their own and carried but…now you don’t want this because its too easy? Majority literally asked for this progressive system.


This is why i dont like the new ranking system. Its like this because literally anyone can get through bronze/silver/gold just by playing enough. Making the only real ranks onyx/diamond/masters.

I never asked for that… lmao I liked the old ranked system. It had its issues but I still prefer that. Overall, the gears 4 rank system is my favorite

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That be cool if they can add 2 tiers to all ranks.

Maybe a god tier after master… with exclusive content to that season only. Making the rank feel accomplishing.

I’m still upset my lancer & gnasher are given out like candy to op5 masters. Doesn’t feel like an accomplishment to have those skins anymore.

It really is a night & day contrast.

If I derank to d3 & it feels real casual.

Even at masters lately it’s been casual like…

Occasional get a try hard master group.

Or maybe people are just enjoying themselves not trying?

But I’d think a clan with master rank would try harder than to be 2-0’d. Then again depends on the clan but I remember in 4 that was a true battle.

Can’t tell what it is though.

Maybe PvP players just don’t care because they know they can get master easily & fool around? Or maybe the standard of a master is too low.

Both sound reasonable.


I think there is a lot of people in ranks they shouldn’t be in

Example - onyx or above player, playing as a solo with solo teammates against a stack but never marks anything and continues to spam complaints about being killed by setups.

None markers against stacks should be heavily penalised after their loss.


I think there a few reasons for that.

This new system doesn’t have a ceiling, so there’s a little more room for lower skilled people to fit into higher ranks. However, even though this system is a little easier to exploit for rank purposes, you still won’t stay in a rank if you can’t actually hang with a higher level players and stay alive.

Whereas gears 4 had a limited number of slots in diamond ranks (not sure about onyx). I can’t remember if they changed that, bc I remember loads of people complaining that many players would stop playing after hitting diamond so it was extremely difficult to break into diamond from onyx because this, even if they had the skills.

Three big issues with gears 4 rank system was that, number 1, some people should have been a high rank but weren’t due to limited slots, but on the plus side that would certainly keep the competition tight.

Number 2, was that people seem to forget you could get carried to diamond as well bc wins were a major determining factor in ranking up. I’ve played with and against some diamonds that were duds in gears 4 (back when gears 4 was most active and recently).

Then number 3, it did not do a good job factoring how good of a player you are currently (and no I’m not talking about your beastly game of the day). They took your playing history too much into account for determining your rank. You could have had a season or two where you sucked, but then seriously improved as a player and not be able to rank up without an insane grind because of how you played two season ago, even if you currently play at a fairly high level. Then you can have someone who was good starting out and gets better as well, but there is not the same level of grind to get to diamond if both player examples are playing at a diamond level.

My experience with the new ranking system this op is that your rank does a better job representing your current performance. Though coming back to the point of the OP’s thread, I think I’d agree about the current diamond being the new onyx. Or at least a hybrid of sorts.

As a side note, I’ve found once I hit upper onyx in tdm, a lot of the team matchmaking became much better balanced (evenly matched) and a lot of my matches have had many same/similar ranked players in most matches. I found it to be a lot more enjoyable because people generally have a better sense of how to work with a team, not waste lives as much, etc.


Masters is the new diamond tier

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That would be great!

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I prefer the G4 ranking system too but I dunno if you were on the forums back then but it was hard to go 5 minutes without a rank system complaint.

I’m sure with some tuning of the buy-in costs they could adjust back to the pre-op 5 rank distribution. All those that reached ranks they’re not accustomed to might not be happy though.

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Two things can be true at once.

  1. 4’s ranking system was more fair and far more accurate.

  2. Everyone was like “screw that. I wanna be a diamond player!”

The customer is always right.


I think masters is the new gold 3/ Onyx 1 tier


Agreed tier 3 master would be nice and maybe an extra reward like master cog gear maybe thats too farfetched since im just fantasizing

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Lol people don’t accept there rank smh


Indeed, OP. Accuracy in the ranking system gets complicated and most people don’t understand it. That’s why we are where we are. If you want something that’s easy to understand, you have to dumb it down. Then it becomes less accurate.

I mean it’s not horrendous, but it definitely doesn’t make diamond feel like it used to.

I do see them adding another tier in the future.


and blaming everything but themselves. the squad/stack visibility set off players so much they put limits on TDM. showing the player drop in Rank real-time was also a bad idea.

sometimes more information isn’t the answer


The ranking system may have watered down what the actual rankings mean to a degree. I’ve heard other players talk about how insanely hard it was to attain a Masters rank on the old rank system or in previous Gears games. I’m one win from Masters and I’m no God at this game. I’m a solid player but I guess thats all relative. Currently one win from Master in KOH.

I find most Masters ranks are generally at least competent players and above. I run into a lot of scrubs in Diamond tiers and lower.

I was saying that the should make a Grand Masters Division, for the best Masters ranked players. Top 100 or something like that. I wouldn’t make the cut but I would still welcome the challenge of playing against some of those guys.

When TC decided to go for a win-based ranking system , I think it was inevitable that you’d see that the rankings lost some of their meaning. They’ve tweaked this system many times and I think they’ve tried to address the most common complaints to make it better. When it first dropped myself and a lot of others on this forum complained that Losses were far more severe in penalty than wins were for ranking up. In other words a win often had very little value but a loss resulted in a huge loss of GP. Many folks had brought up that they could play 10 matches and win 7 or 8 and make almost no progress in ranking up. So they adjusted the system to remedy that and perhaps they went too far on the opposite direction. In any event they could add another Division as I mentioned to help offset that. They could also change the scoring so that an elimination still nets you points, but less. The kill would give you extra points so the guy doing the heavy lifting will gain more points and rank up faster.