Diamond character

I hope the diamond character to get it just go up to Diamond 1 in any game mode

TC confirmed that to get the diamond character you have to date a TC employee and get them to propose marriage to you.


I understand where you’re coming from, but that’s a selfish way to look at it. It’s too common for people to just get D1 in any game mode. If that’s the case, everyone who has a Diamond skin will also have the Diamond character. I feel it should be a little more rare than that.

Maybe something like get D5 in a core mode and a comp mode, or something like that. Not every Diamond will get it, but it will be reasonable to get.

Although, TC seems like they are leaning toward Griffin-style challenges, like maybe get Diamond in a mode and then win 25 games in that mode or something.

Because to get to Diamond 1 is difficult still serious to unlock it when you arrive in any diamond mode

No, it should be very limited and as such should be restricted to Diamond Master only.

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Maybe for you it would be easy to get to Diamond master instead I get very complicated

Im pretty sure its going to be limited to Diamond Masters only. Im Diamond 1 i doubt i’d get it but the Character at least better look good.

I can not get to diamond master is too difficult with so many players leave the games make you lose so I see it difficult

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Nah, it will be difficult to me too, because I’m terrible at Gears, my max rank i ever achieved is gold. Also I would rather see the diamond character shouldnt be given out to everyone that is diamond. Should be given to the best of the best of the best.

My rank is Onix 1 for me would be great to get it in Diamond 1 will have to see when they announce how to get it

Pretty sure it’s Diamond master in all modes

It’s supposed to be difficult. If it’s not difficult for you, then too many people would be getting it.

It’s 100% not lol. They have “Griffin-style challenges” for it.

You will get five diamond weapon skins for getting to Diamond 1. That is your reward. A Diamond character would not be deserved, but weapon skins are.

Also, since you have probably never been in Diamond, let me assure you that getting from Diamond 1 to Diamond 4 only takes 6-7 games lol (assuming you win those 6-7). It’s not that much more difficult to get Diamond 5 once you have Diamond 1.

We’ll see when they give the news

Diamond Character should be everyone who logged in and played during launch week and logged in and played on Season 1, 2 & 3.

they said on stream they might look into a way for onyx ranks to also get it via a series of tasks so if you cant get diamond there might still be hope

and they confirmed you wont need d5 in all modes just diamond in one mode only d5 exclusive character is blood moon imago

You won’t get the Diamond character for that. You might get an equivalent Onyx character if you do the challenges but aren’t Diamond.

someone asked on dev stream and they said they were looking into it so it’s possible so if you have a problem with more people getting access to it take it up with tc

I listened to the stream. You misunderstood what they were saying. They were suggestion alternative rewards for people who completed the challenges but couldn’t get Diamond. It won’t be the same reward (won’t be the Diamond character).