Diamond Character Choice?

Does anyone have a theory out there on why they chose the female COG character to be this seasons reward? It’s really not much of a reward getting a skin for the worst character in the game. Just seeing if anyone out there has a theory on why they chose her…?

Help me to understand why

TC wanted an unnamed generic character - so the named characters like JD or Marcus were never an option. I suppose it’s so players can project themselves onto as a blank slate or something.

Diversity im guessing? But this is a question to ask in a dev stream.


I’d like to think they need to appeal to the female gamers as well.


@tony see I was thinking that myself but let’s be honest the vast majority of gears gamers so I don’t see the need to appeal to such a small niche of gamers. And that’s nothing against female gamers. I’ve played with and against some really good ones

any other female character in the game would have been vastly better!

They said they wanted a character with a helmet (in a dev stream). Having a helmet severely reduces their options.

There is both UIR characters, all the Carmine’s, the eday gear, and gary (which is carmine)

I don’t think Gary would work, but yeah the other options were UIR and the Carmines I think. Dana and Octus both said UIR would have been cool before it got announced as being the current character. I think they also said they wanted to shine some light on one of the less used character. I think it’s stupid but oh well

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I think they should’ve used Bernie personally. As far as I know there is only one skin she comes in and I actually like her character particularly her sexy voice

“Diversity is our strength.”


-The real Bernie.

SEXY??? Ya call screeching like an eagle with old and gravely mixed in sexy? HOW OLD ARE YOU?

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Never liked Bernie, but I would absolutely play her if they changed her character model to reflect the actual voice actor.

She’s a hottie.