Diamond 5 emblem common?

For those of you that dont know, TC showed off the new diamond 5 emblem in the most recent whats up, AND ITS A COMMON CARD! Disappointing!

I know there is a lot of honest, hard working gears players out there that put in the hours and made that sweet, sweet diamond 5 happen, i know i did. But now i feel robed! What was all that hard work for? A common emblem!

I can only hope TC corrects this MASSIVE error, and gives us the legendary emblem we deserve.

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yes it matters to all non trolls. lets make all kate characters common like those who worship her.just kidding😆

Kate_Diaz_1 Is used to using common, uninteresting and bland in-game items, I.e Any Kait skin

Ignore the 10 post per day troll Teady and keep doing what you do bro!


I say, if they make it available as a reward for Season 4 like they mentioned on What’s Up, they can make that one a Legendary since it seems to take longer to get Diamond 5 now than it did on Season 3. Just maybe. Either way, yeah it shouldn’t be common :rofl: Epic or Legendary at least. Seriously 4.0 achievement emblem is Legendary.

I hear you, I am happy I’m getting the Diamond 5 emblem, with that said, I can’t just disregard the fact that, as of now, it seems to be a Common card where as the Seriously emblem is Legendary, the only Legendary emblem if I am not mistaken. I would like it to be Epic or Legendary like I mentioned in a previous comment.

For those that do care, I say we ask about this on today’s stream, I will ask but y’all need to do it as well, to increase our chances of being heard, perhaps we can get a response. For all we know, it’s still not finalized so the chances of it being changed to Epic or Legendary are still there. Let’s do this by the books. If that doesn’t work then y’all can wild out :rofl: (no offense, I am also bothered that it seems to be a common)

the rarity would only matter if you can scrap it so i assume it’s un-scrapable given that, the rarity doesnt actually matter since everyone knows it’s d5 exclusive anyways

we really higher tiers of emblems, all I ever see are Green

Going through the comments on here, I don’t see anyone saying that they want the Diamond 5 emblem for scrap.

What other purpose is the rarity of the emblem then? This whole thing is very childish.

I asked this on stream “@GearsofWar Will the Diamond 5 emblem be a Common? (The Seriously emblem, which I love, is Legendary) No big deal, I can live with it but visually it does bother me and if it is possible to make it Legendary, that would be greatly appreciated.”

They said that they don’t know :rofl: I’m dead

I think your response is towards the creator of this thread, maybe he went about it the wrong way, I think. It makes sense to me. Remember the Seriously emblem? it’s a Legendary, the only one. I wouldn’t call it a problem that I will die over but visually it does bother me a little. I asked about it on the stream today and they said they don’t know if it will be a Common or a Legendary :rofl: the reason that it is worth bringing it up right now is because it wouldn’t require a lot of resources to “fix” it seems like a simple fix.

I’m against TC pandering to every little whim of the fans. Threads like this are pollution, IMO, because instead of us pressuring TC to fix things that are actually broken and not working right, the forum gets cluttered with weird stuff like the rarity of an emblem that won’t be scrapped.
Anyway, I’ve already wasted too much of my time on this and I don’t want to keep bumping this thread.


:rofl: We’ve wasted each other’s time, simply put, this thread was not for you. We’ve both misplaced our energy.

Agreed. Ez 5 second change for TC but it’ll make it look much nicer in our inventory. Seriously 4.0 is legendary, Diamond skins are all Legendary, so this emblem should he as well. It’s not about the scrap lol. Just an OCD thing I guess

It’s okay, I’ll do it for you

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Disappointing to hear this, it should really be top priority. Sorry for your lose.

Thank you.

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I agree,
First they complain about the blood moon Imago then they complain about the diamond character

And now people actually complaning about rarity. This is just ridiculous. I don’t mind seeing the card bumped up to legendary so long as it’s unscrapable.

This post came before the character post.

I don’t believe any of the other diamond skins are scrapable, so I don’t see why the emblem would be. For me it’s more about having the fancy trophy.

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You realize the majority of things that happen in this game are about skins right? It’s not unusual that people complain about skins when it’s the whole ecosystem of the game.

Also, skins like this are trophies. Think of it like a trophy you get for winning a sporting event. It’s the same type of thing.

You constantly post about how you don’t care about skins and such. But just because YOU don’t care doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t. You literally don’t even play the game lol. You said you haven’t played the game in over 6 months or something in one of your posts. Then who are you to say what people should care about when they play the game daily?

Sorry for the rant, but I’m sick of people saying “it’s just a skin”. Such a dumb argument. By that logic, let’s just all stop going for ranks, challenges, skins and credits. Oh and let’s stop playing the game altogether.


If I got the emblem I wouldnt mind it being common rare or legendary for that matter, I wouldnt scrap it anyway. However, to each their own, if some people want it legendary, make it legendary then.

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