Diamond 2 100% to 68.44% after a 5-4 loss. Working well?

Just had a game where we lost 4-5, and go down from 100% Diamond 2 to 68.44%. Ranks were similar, coming off a ~27-1 winning night (I get it, win streaks only count when RNG says it does). Seems like big drops are still a possibility and the RNG ranks are still alive and strong.

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I wouldn’t say 30% is a big drop.

I went from Diamond 4 60% to Diamond 3 50% in one game last season

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Comparatively to the averages I get of 1-5%, I’d say a drop that is ~6x that amount is large. I do understand that compared to last season’s full rank drop it is smaller though!

i’ve been losing percent from 3v5’s and 4v5’s as welli dont know if it’s intended to be so huge or not but i’ve won 2 matches in onyx 3 and didnt gain any percent so i dont know if i’ll ever get diamond because losing still knocks %

i havent had a leaver on my team in a couple days though

1-5% in Diamond rank?

Diamond rank they have said is VERY volatile and because their are very few players in that rank and that rank has the most tiers that moving around in Diamond will happen quite frequently so you’re going to have bigger swings in Diamond then say something like Onyx

You shouldnt drop more than you can earn.

So if its not possible to gain 30% in a Specific Tier - then you shouldnt be able to drop that much,

I remeber being on a 10 match winning streak - only gaining 1-3% per match and then one match we lost really close and were unlucky and had a 48% drop!

So 10 matches to gain like 25% and one match wiped out all the work and effort!

The first loss should only be a small drop - increasing slightly if multiple losses in a row…

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Unfortunately that doesn’t make sense. Let’s say you are high into Diamond. The only way to go is down, so obvs you should drop more than you can earn.

The best you can do is beat people of your skill level, which shouldn’t increase you that much. But if you lose to much lower ranked people, surely you should drop a lot.

It’s annoying dropping when it’s not your fault though.

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The problem is that the game determines before the game starts who should win the match and if the game predicts right the bonus is very small while if it guesses wrong the swing is bigger.

That makes it kinda hard for higher tiered players to move up without winning 90% of games, literally, because you rarely play other high tier diamond players. I personally am not a fan of the system but it’s too far into the games life cycle to really change at this point.

Of course it makes sense,

You win and win and get to Diamond by going up a few % per match - you lose one match and BOOM - massive drop!

How is that fair?

It should be proportional to how much you can earn is how much you drop or else you go up tiny amounts and drop big amounts = doesn’t make sense.

Everyone has bad games or you have matches were you are with randoms or where the other team is a better team, you might have quitters on your team, you might have AFK players on your team.

So much can affect your loss its not right that you lose so much % in one go…

To move up is slow and painful but to lose 20, 30, 40 and I have once lost 60% in ONE go is insane!

All that effort of going up 1-3% and then to lose it all in one game is not a good system…

@Epicphate Something that isn’t well known is diamond is more volatile because diamond 1-5 is practically the equivalent to onyx 3 1-100%. They didn’t add ranks to the game. They broke up diamond into 5 parts. So you know how in season 0-2 if you where diamond you still had a bar for 1-100%.

For example. (The exact % I’m listing are not confirmed by devs. Just showing the idea of how it works)

Diamond 1-35% now = diamond 1
Diamond 36-60% now = diamond 2
Diamond 61-80% now = diamond 3
Diamond 81-95% now = diamond 4
Diamond 96-100% now = diamond 5

Make sense? See how much smaller your percentile gap gets? That makes it much more volitale so it’s harder to maintain because it very well should be.

I hope this helps some. If I get some more feed back I’ll be more than willing to make a full post about it but explain it a little better and use some pictures to help.

Edit : @EVIL_0NE could I get any confirmation on this or did I miss read something as well?

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i got diammond 1 0 % from d2 92% in 1 game ,but before this i leaved 1 game cos internet cut down. so now i stuck there d1 40% last season i got a lot of ups even after loosing with scrubs in team vs prepade squads but now i dont feel its possible to climb high playing solo :cry:

I play with a good squad and we almost always win. But playing solo still goes faster imo as long as you win. Because when in a premade. You go up dramatically less for winning. Compared to winning solo. Same for losing. You go down dramatically more if you lose as a premade. But not as much if solo

One time in Diamond 1 i went from 98% to 23% after facing an entire team of Diamonds 3 of them being Diamond Master. But some matches i lose like a great loss and ill go up in rank. Everyone i play with on the daily doesn’t go up or down always stuck in one spot but losing and winning i just go up until i get diamond.

You kinda just have to play to get diamond haha

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Oh i do but still i find it weird how i never suffer a loss in rank until i’m diamond. It’s like the game is just holding my hand until i get there. I enjoy playing in diamond ranking but really wish the game to be consistent in give me loss in rank when i lose a match.

I guess your performing well even when losing so keeping hold of your rank …

Could be i usually only play KOTH unless i’m not the host of the group i’m with. And i will freely admit that i’m one of those go for straight kills type of players but most of the time i also focus on breaks. If i have more than 10 Caps theres something wrong.

Which server you normally play on?

U.S Server I live in North Carolina. Usually running about 10 - 30 ping on good matches otherwise it averages around 60.