Dialogue for OP5 uncoupling

So with the uncoupling of characters and classes every character will now need to have dialogue for every previous class.

For instance Marcus (and everyone else) now needs to say ‘silverback destroyed’ and JD (and everyone else) will need to say ‘shoot me like you mean it’ etc.

My question is does this mean TC gets all the voice actors back in the studio for this? Or would this have somehow been prerecorded?

If prerecorded that’s very interesting - does that imply this uncoupling was planned all along?


TC has already stated older lines will be repurposed for these ultimates but some characters will still have some unique dialogue as well


Oh I see, that makes a heap more sense than what I was thinking.

Thanks for that mate

No problem

Nah, they said in a previous stream no new lines got recorded. They’ll just use “generic” lines, whatever that means. Maybe when Lizzie gets inner fire, she’ll use her “Alright let’s do this!” line or something.


Thanks for that mate yeh that sounds easily implemented - will be cool to try out everyone and hear what lines are used when

I will love it when I am playing as Marcus and Clayton calls me Lizzie(Yeah I know its a very specific kink but it works for me, do not judge me)

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t think that’s how it’s gonna work, lol.

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Horny me cries tears.