Devs: Any plans to release an official API of any sort?

I’m a developer - hoping to see some sort of official API for players/stats. Also, some hooks into real-time data feeds, especially on the LAN level, would be smart as well given its really needed for eSports and casting but I know this particular feature is quite a stretch. If you aren’t planning on an official API but would consider it - happy to help.


Nothing mentioned yet but don’t know how much TC would invest in something like that when they could add it to the website if possible.

Who knows, would be at least a good idea to track player population and see if it’s worth coming online at least …

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It’s not terribly difficult to do this - I know PUBG, GTA V, and other AAA titles are doing it. Add to that the value it can bring to the community, for streamers/viewers, but especially eSports.

As for real-time data… much like boxing has their ‘CompuBox’ scoring that people rely on to follow a fight, Presently there is only manual data tracking and is barely referenced at events. GoW5 would do well to track and display near real-time stats for the tournaments.

Adding this layer of info to the caster’s desk (Velly, Fallout, Blaze - my OG MLG peeps!) and side stations while also presenting it in video overlays would elevate the game’s already professional event delivery to a new level.

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I’d also love to see this happen. It appears Gears 5 hasn’t separated itself as much from Gears 4 as they advertised. There is still a ton of missing components people would expect out of a triple-a title.

As far as I can tell is still not accessible via a public API. In addition, other player stats aren’t accessible so you couldn’t even do screen scrapes to create your own API. The stats are just a limited as Gears 4, and don’t offer any in-depth views. Pretty dissappointing stuff.

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