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Developers not sticking to their words

(MrXboxlivenoob) #62

I completely agree about horde, plus all its ever gotten is nerfed. I feel as if they haven’t done anything good since adding the big update for horde which to a lot of people felt like a disappointment and I don’t blame them. I’m disappointed myself about how they’ve treated horde and what they’ve done to it. I hope this won’t happen in gears 5.

(Chaotik Element) #63

Honestly they could make sooo much more money on the imago if they release it in the store almost everyone would buy it. Plus next year when gears 5 comes out it will be useless no1 will be playing gow4 especially if gears 5 is alot better in aspects that haven’t been addressed in gow4. They should add the Blood Moon Imago as like a reward for playing Gears 5 beta like gow 3 had the Beta Cole edition. That would be cool or if not at least add it in as a pre-order bonus or season pass holder exclusive.(The ladder is more possible since they would never add in anything free that had potential to make money,) Oh and same goes for the white UIR add a Cog Rare Variant.

(StRexPowerColt) #64

20 is too much
But its okay they lied
Really, what type of mindset does someone like this have to have.

(B2Striker) #65

I understand your frustration. You should get what you grinded for. Bad move for GOW hardcore PvP players IMO (just like the Midnight Omen Skin limitation bull).