Developers not sticking to their words

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Cryptic Ashes is a Gears fan that got all the achievements for the Xbox and Xbox one Gears titles. He asked for a Bloodmoon via twitter for this before the current lot of achievements but didn’t get one. He then got all the current ones super quickly and was awarded one this time around.


Ahhh ok I think he posted a picture of that here or on twitter…ok cool thanks

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No worries mate

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I have all achievements for every Gears game on the 360 as well as Xbox one. What do I get? :smiley:

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Would be nice if something was on offer.

Im only missing 2 achievements in Gears 4 (from the lastest set) and 1 in Judgment from the core games. I have all from Gears PC and am missing 1 from UE (Win 10) and 2 from Gears 2 Japan. So close to having every achievement in every Gears game ever released.



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You get a praise, thats it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same reward as world first full house d5 for season 4… smh

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How did the Charity thing work for it?

I must have missed it …

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It was a raffle for 10 of them 5 dollars was one entry

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Ah ok - thanks for that - can’t believe I missed it - would have chucked $500 at that myself :sob:

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500 on a dead game lol, smh

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It did go to a good place.

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Agreed, but I’d donate 500 to a charity which I picked myself and not to a random one for the purpose of getting an in-game skin in a dead game.

(III EnVii III) #57

Ok, you go do that bro :+1:

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I sense some passive aggression :slight_smile:

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You sensed wrong :-1:

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His spider senses were tingling.

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His spider senses seem broken :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing: